Balance, Oneness, and Perfection – a Christian’s Modern Guide to Spirituality

Modern or corporate life can lead to burnout.

I know this because I live this.

Every day I check in with my spirit. What am I doing? Am I where I am supposed to be? Did I take the wheel (from Jesus) and steer this ship into a glacier? Will I have enough life vests for me…what about my family?

I hope I wasn’t too real with you, and that someone out there can relate to some version of the above thought process.

As the pressure of this modern life increases, I had to, out of necessity, find something that helped calm the never-ceasing buzz in my mind.

For me that method was meditation. In the past when I tried meditation, I used methods that were ineffective for me and I wouldn’t really be in the moment. I had a hard time seeing or feeling fewer results, which lead to more self-doubt than resolution.

But when I combined meditation with spirituality I found something new.

It is written that we should meditate on His word day and night. Yet the first 30 years of my Christian life, I never truly did this. Sure I would pray a long list of, “please give me this…forgive me of my sins” and memorized half the Bible, but I never had a two-sided conversation with God, and I certainly did not sit in silence with Him or with the Holy Spirit.

It wasn’t until I started attending a church where I met other members of the future Epoch collective that I even engaged in my imagination with my relationships with God.

The last 3 years have been nothing short of an awakening, or a personal epoch for me. I have, on the regular, had intentional conversations with the Father, meditation sessions, and dream crossovers that all play a part in my spiritual journey.

When I say imagination, I really mean just that. I use my imagination to have a conversation and create a memory with a mental picture of what God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit look like to me. At first, it felt juvenile, but its fruit is exponential.

Meditation is a balancing of realities. When we can tap into our imagination it is the first step to changing our reality.

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Make a mental picture of that summer body. Write a personal goal for the year. Create a vision board. Share it with a friend. Do whatever makes sense to you to bring your imagination to life. Spend time thinking it over so your life can be what you truly want it to be.

What works for me is that I read modern books on spirituality and the Bible. I infuse the old with the new and create a specific blend of spiritually that works for me. (For those of you having a mini-panic attack reading this: don’t worry; I still love God and people foremost, so I’ll get my ticket to heaven).

Finding a balance of the new and the old is what spirituality looks like in a digital age.

With an endless supply of knowledge at our fingertips, personal growth is potentially endless. Finding authors, communities, and resources that match your personality, your learning style, and your interests is what will propel you into a greater, more balanced you.

That is why I do what I do. Researching different topics, listening to experts in their respective fields, and sharing my thoughts on the internet. The Epoch blogs, podcast, and the curated library is my version of spirituality in a digital age.

I also continue to share with you words from my meditations and spiritual learnings. I hope to inspire you to do the same with the talents you have been given.

From Grace, Truth, and Love I write…

I am walking into Your room.

Feeling around, looking for Your grace.

You want me to take off my shoes

And yet, I’m in Your grace.

Oh, there is nothing I could do to make You frown.

I do stupid things, lose my footing and yet I find You next to me.

Sometimes, I am thankful.

Sometimes, I am questioning.

Sometimes, I do everything I can do to not see things through You.

But You always help me through.

You are always consistent.

Never leaving a stone unturned,

I am searching for the truth in this logic,

And yet, You walk so close to me that We become one.

So I never miss a beat of your Love.

modern guide to spirituality
modern guide to spirituality


Modern Spirituality in the Digital Age, Master Charles Cannon

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