2 Sinister Facets of Political Correctness You Didn’t Know

Political correctness has long been somewhat of a running joke (we can’t sit “indian-style”, we have to sit “criss-cross applesauce”, etc) but even though I rolled my eyes at the speech rules, I knew you had to watch what you said in order to “not be rude or appear ignorant.”

Today, you have to walk the “Political Correctness minefield” if you want to work in government, media, even education. It’s for people who have an “audience” that cares about such things.

Call me sheltered, racist, ignorant, I don’t care; it always feels like it’s just a way to genuflect to people who don’t care, imposed by people who care way too much.

Why do they care so much?

When I was doing research for our political correctness podcast, I came across a lecture by Dr. Jordan Peterson that opened my eyes to the scam that is political correctness, and there are two points from this awesome lecture that I want to talk about here.

2 Sinister Facets of Political Correctness You Didn’t Know

Political Correctness is nothing more than Marxism mixed with Postmodernism.

Dr. Peterson labels the PC movement as a mix of Post Modernism and Marxism.

He unpacks the primary and secondary assumptions of Postmodernism as follows:

  1. There are a near-infinite number of interpretations of a finite number of phenomena (7:39).
  2. All of those interpretations are equal – none should be above any others (8:09).

The Postmodernist view of the world is only concerned with power. The world is just a bunch of pyramids of power – all unjust and all unreliable.

On the other hand, Dr. Peterson explains the central claim of Marxism states that the best way to perceive the world is by seeing who is oppressing and who is being oppressed (12:00). He then takes a look at what the driving factors of the Post Modernists behind the PC culture are and debunks the idea that it could be compassion for their fellowman since the doctrines being put in place are “murderous beyond belief”, as is proven by the track record of communist/socialist countries.

Dr. Peterson then comes to the conclusion that because inequality generates resentment, the aim of that resentment is to bring down those who are “higher” via citicism.

He breaks down the reasoning like this:

Since there are an infinite number of interpretations, and your interpretations provide you a position of power, if I can logically undermine your claim to that position (through criticism) I can, therefore, usurp your position of power.

These are the inner workings of the Political Correctness Movement – seizing the power in our society by using the narrative of white privilege and restricting language under the guise of racism or bigotry.

“It’s resentment and the demand for power disguising itself most reprehensibly as compassion” – Dr. Jordan Peterson

Political Correctness is nothing more than a guilt trip.

Watching this lecture, in a sense, opened my mind to the emptiness of the proposition of political correctness.

PC does not try to raise up the oppressed or redeem the language but seeks to repress and regulate those it considers as oppressors in an effort to bring them down from their considered privileged and take the power for themselves.

This is observable in the Left’s wide-sweeping accusations of racism, and how they refuse to define the term. They set themselves up as the only curators of that “truth”, making it so they’re the only ones with the power to dictate morality.

The truth of the matter is that it’s nothing more than a guilt trip that most of society has chosen to subject itself to.

It’s a dishonest behavior since people’s refrain from the use of certain words isn’t based on caring or love, but fear of getting in trouble by appearing uncouth or being labeled a bigot.

We’ve been deceived into giving up the power to change our society and traded it for legalism.

Frankly, political correctness is legalism masquerading as love.

political correctness quote

As Morgan Freeman famously said in his interview with Chris Wallace on 60 Minutes when asked how to stop racism, Freeman replied  “Stop talking about it! You stop calling me a black man, and I’ll stop calling you a white man”.

It’s kinda funny that the best way to truly have an equitable society end racism in America is to NOT draw as much attention as we can to it, but rather to just treat everyone with common sense and as you would like to be treated.

Sadly, our society has fallen prey to Communism and Post Modernism’s twisted child, and the power of the narrative has been given to the little dictators of the mainstream media

We can still change, though. We can treat everyone with respect, be open and friendly with those who don’t necessarily look like us, and stop listening to the voices of division that care more about seizing power than about inequality.

The power truly rests with us.

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