5 Schools that Will Teach You Superpowers

What makes people so interested in superpowers, and what started the explosion in popularity of superhero everything?

Ok, well duh, I don’t think anyone really wonders why people are interested in superpowers, but all the superhero stuff used to be the territory of geeks, to put it delicately.

Somewhere along the line, it became normal, and dare-I-say… cool?

This article compares modern superhero movies to the westerns of the 50s and 60s, suggesting part of the rise in popularity is because of of advancements in technology and special effects.

FilmInk proposes an even simpler explanation – the filmmakers of today are those who grew up reading the comics.

Yet another article links the popularity of Superman coming out in 2002 to it being the right timing for American sentiment and the war on terror following 9/11. (I also made a personal note that the first Harry Potter movie came out in 2001, which was something I particularly wondered – did that series start coming out before the superhero push? And indeed, it did, for whatever that’s worth.)

We here at Epoch have a feeling there’s more to it than that, though; something brewing under the surface in the consciousness of humanity.

My Background in Superpowers (It’s Brief)

The only comics I was ever interested in were humorous ones like Calvin & Hobbes, Fox Trot, etc., so superheroes have never been my thing. I would extremely fail superhero trivia.

However, I did grow up with familiarity of biblical “superheros”, if you will.

Special abilities have long been considered spiritual or supernatural because that’s the frame of reference we’ve had for them.

  • Moses, who did all sorts of crazy things with plagues, animals, weather, etc.
  • Samson, who had superhuman strength…
  • Elijah, who called down elements like rain and fire…
  • Elisha, who controlled water, disease, time, etc…
  • Jesus, who did allthethings: healing all manner of diseases and raising from the dead, controlling the weather, timeshifting, mind reading, matter shifting, water walking, body regeneration, appearing/disappearing, teleportation, disguise, etc.

I mean, God was with all of them, doing the things through them, obviously…

But God is with us, also.

We have long viewed abilities like these as spiritually or naturally gifted seemingly at random… so it hasn’t even occurred to many to practice learning them… for one thing, it appears like it could be a lot of work.

What about some modern-day superpowers people are exercising?

Without a doubt, the human body (mind!) is capable of so. much. more than we realize or tap into.

Weightlifting and the four minute mile are only 2 examples of records that were considered impossible to break.

mark twain quote possibilities

Once humanity discovers someone can do something that wasn’t thought possible, it opens the door for more and more people to apprehend the “impossible”.

Some examples of people who don’t concern themselves with conventional understanding of what is possible include:

When “natural” and “spiritual” begin to merge…

For so much of human history, we’ve segmented the different parts of ourselves, most markedly between natural and spiritual, regulating that which could be explained by science as “natural” and that which couldn’t as spiritual.

Some denying there even is a spiritual component to humans… (which is really difficult for me to relate to in the context of believing in things beyond what we can see or explain at the time, which seems obvious to me.)

Now quantum physics is starting to explain some of the science behind “spiritual”, if you will…

I find it intriguing to contemplate what a future could look like where science merges with spiritual; where the ethereal becomes more concrete.

Although this process is already well under way, moving boundaries or comfort zones, in effect, can be scary. Or at least weird.

There is plenty of evidence that various “superpowers” are possible, the question is, how will the world go about gaining them?

A Potential Superpower Progression

  • hearing about or observing superpowers in some capacity
  • dreaming of superpowers
  • technology superpowers
  • having some progress with unassisted superpowers
  • discovering the science of superpowers
  • limited adoption/struggles to figure it out
  • super battles/misuse of power
  • widely understood and believed
  • naturally tapping in with little effort

Although the spiritual does indeed come before the physical/natural manifestation, most of humanity has needed to understand or at least see something as natural or at least possible before being able to grab hold of it, which is why I think the newer kind of superhero genre can help the subconscious mind of man advance more quickly than we have in the past.

Interested in trying out some “superpowers” for yourself?

5 schools that will teach you superpowers
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