6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save the World – Paul Stamets

During this TED talk, Paul Stamets briefly explains the heroic role mycelium could have in saving the world should humans choose to wield their dramatic power. Paul explains that we need not fear fungi, but we do well to understand them.

Fungi have an amazing way of transforming numerous kinds of waste, including petroleum and nuclear wastes, into the pure building blocks of life. Sometimes they accomplish that task and provide us with delicious, medicinal mushrooms. Yet, they do much, much more.

6 ways mushrooms can save the world | Paul Stamets #quote, ecosystem, restoration

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Paul Stamets

Paul Stamets is the founder and president of Fungi Perfecti and has been a dedicated mycologist for over 40 years. He has discovered and coauthored several new species of mushrooms, and pioneered countless techniques in the field of mushroom cultivation.