Aquarius: The Age of Immortality (How to Become God in 3 Easy Steps)

If you haven’t been looking for it, you may have missed the fact that the scientific community has made some major shifts in their view of aging and its new classification as ‘the ultimate disease’ over the past few years.

That’s right… AGING IS A DISEASE… no longer a foregone conclusion. To which, I say, “It’s about time.”

aging is a disease

Humanity’s Place in the Story of God

For the past 10 years I have been on a journey to understand the bigger picture of God’s plan for humanity, and about 7 years ago I began to see the overall framework for that plan as something that has been mapped out in the stars.

Often referred to as ‘the ages‘, the different seasons of time as seen in the earth’s relationship to the 12 constellations can be estimated as 12 segments of time, each lasting approximately 2000 years. As the title of this article suggests, we are now making our way into the next age, the age of Aquarius.

Humanity is made up of 3 distinct ‘parts’: Spirit, Soul, and Body. I believe humanity’s entire reason for existence is to become the physical presence of God in the Universe, and thus, if we are to fully manifest what it means to BE God, we must embody life in the same way God does. Namely, if we are to have eternal life in ALL 3 areas, we cannot only have eternal life on a Spirit and/or Soul level.

We must put on physical immortality at some point in our story.

The reason I call it a ‘story’ is because I believe our story is actually written in the stars, in the form of the constellations and their lore. This is the same story that God asks Abraham to recite to him in Genesis 15. It’s the same story that we are all pursuing on auto-pilot as we all try to make tomorrow better than today. It’s the story of humanity’s journey from creation to creator. It’s the process of our understanding just exactly HOW it is that we are supposed to be the BODY of God, and WHY it is that we call ourselves the CHILDREN of God.

And that’s just it… It’s… Process. Journey. Learning. Growing. Becoming.

Humanity is headed somewhere and the story in the stars gives us insight as to where we are in the progression of that story.

How to Become God in 3 Easy Steps

At this point, I need to interject the fact that I believe our story is not only mapped out in the constellations but is also laid out in the Bible in the form of allegory and analogies, and that these different examples correlate to a 3-step process that mankind has been manifesting since the days of Abraham.

  • The Jewish temple was split into 3 distinct sections (the Outer Court, the Holy Place, and the Holy of Holies).
  • There are 3 major Jewish feasts (Pentecost, Passover, and Tabernacles).
  • 3 forms of celestial lights (Sun, Moon, and Stars).
  • The Israelites were captive to 3 different countries (Egypt, Babylon, and Rome).

And the list goes on…

Of all of the examples in the Bible that I believe give us insight into humanity’s journey to divine manifestation as the BODY of God in the physical, the most important one is where Jesus himself splits the process of ‘salvation’ into 3 parts.

In John 3, as a response to Nicodemus’ question about how to inherit eternal life, Jesus says, “You must be born again to see the kingdom… and… you must be born of water and of spirit to enter the kingdom.” Born again. Born of water. Born of spirit. A simple 3-step program to becoming a manifested God.

While I could spend hours and hours elaborating on the details of this process, for the purpose of this article I simply want to state that I believe humanity has already experienced what it means to be both ‘Born Again’ and ‘Born of Water’.

I believe our Born Again experience began with the age of Aries (the ram) in the time of Abraham and concluded in 70 A.D. when the temple system of the Old Testament was destroyed.

I believe our Born of Water experience began with the age of Pisces (the fisherman) at the advent of Jesus Christ and is concluding in our lifetime.

Each of these realities has applied to our Spirit (Born Again) and Soul (Born of Water), and I believe we are about to enter into a time when our Bodies are going to be ‘Born of Spirit’ in the age of Aquarius (the man).

Aquarius: 2000 Years of Becoming Immortal

If you have studied Biblical history, you will notice that about every 2000 years or so, EVERYTHING changes in how God relates to humanity… or better said, how humanity relates to God.

If you’ve studied sociological history, you’ll realize that our major societal systems (i.e. government, commerce, family units, etc.) mirror these spiritual changes in roughly the same time frames.

The reason for this 2000 year cadence of change is because humanity has been figuring itself out more and more over time, and that growth pattern has corresponded to the ages of time as mapped out in the story of the stars.

At the beginning of each new age, we experience a major shift in how we see ourselves and others, and those shifts manifest in more advanced systems of being human. Some of those systems create a better world, while others create more destruction. Yet, the overall trajectory of humanity is one of life and expansion, and the current state of the planet is clearly pointing to the fact that EVERYTHING is changing… again.

So yeah… When the scientific community stands up and starts talking about the potential of physical immortality, I can’t help but smile and think, “Right on cue ladies and gentlemen.” The spiritual community has been saying this from the beginning of time because they know the story. Now that the scientific community is starting to see it too, it’s only a matter of time before humanity’s consciousness i free of the idea of physical death as an inevitability.

It may take 2000 years for immortality to find its way to every corner of the human experience, but according to the clock that God placed in the stars, I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that we’re starting to question the idea of death at its most fundamental levels at this time.

The age of Aquarius is upon us, and it’s time for our bodies to become ‘more’.

The Bible calls this ‘glorified’.

Science calls it ‘immortality’.

I call it ‘the next part of our story’.

It's time for our bodies to become 'more'. The Bible calls this 'glorified'. Science calls it 'immortality'. I call it 'the next part of our story'. -Austin Fletcher quote | aquarius
Aquarius, the Age of Immortality
How to Become God in 3 Easy Steps
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