Awakening the Superheroes Dormant Within

Superheroes have existed in the minds of humanity for thousands of years. Whether they came in the written and orally passed down form of mythological gods, the illustrated comic book varieties, or the current superheroes gracing movie and television screens, it seems like the allure of being “Super” in some way has been with us our entire history.

One could argue that Samson, from the Book of Judges, endowed with super strength, is a superhero of old. Quite different from the ancient hairy hulk, are superheroes like Spiderman and Bruce Banner’s Hulk, who gained powers through an accident. Different still are superheroes like Batman and my personal favorite, Iron Man, who gained superhero status through technological means.

Some people truly are born different.

Accidents and medical emergencies have caused people to enjoy, or endure, new abilities that take their lives in radically different directions. Strokes and head trauma have caused people’s brains to rewire in ways that gift them with savant-level musical and artistic abilities.

Super strength, invisibility, the ability to climb walls like Spidey – all these abilities and more are becoming available via technological advancements. Soon, technology available only to the likes of billionaires like Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark will be available to… well… millionaires with the right kind of clearance or military members who fit the necessary profile.

Something I’m increasingly interested in, though, is people who are pushing the boundaries with their beliefs – people who truly are reborn different.

A few years ago, I began practicing the Wim Hof Method, developed by… Wim Hof. Wim owns a few performance records and has done several feats that are said to be impossible prior to him doing them.

Whether it’s running marathons in the arctic circle in shorts or in the Sahara without water, swimming under ice or simply raising his body temperature while sitting in an ice bath, Wim has used his belief in the power of breath and cold to go where others couldn’t go.

When he was accused of simply being a special human, he rejected that idea and insisted his method could be taught to anyone. Shortly after that, Wim’s students were also demonstrating control over their autonomic systems in laboratory settings (we supposedly cannot control our autonomic systems as they are largely “unconscious.”).  

Colin O’Brady is another current person of note. After receiving burns on his body that doctors said would prevent him from ever walking normally again, Colin went on to win a triathlon, summit the world’s tallest mountains in record time, and become the first human to walk across Antarctica. He would say that the real heroin is his mother, who encouraged him after he was burned.

Yet there are other superpowers out there don’t have to do with profound levels of exertion. We have videos on our site of Kirby de Lanerolle, a self-professed breatharian who only eats for pleasure after going months between meals.

While I could continue to list incredible people doing incredible things, I think I would distract from the point that there are very real, legitimate “superpowers” lying dormant within each of us. You, yes you, are a revelation away from beginning to understand your true nature.

I can’t tell you how to tap into it. That’s for you to discover. Anything I might tell you would add unnecessary barriers between you the beliefs you need to own.

So I’ll ask a fun question:

Where will you be when you find yourself among those who have been reborn truly different, capable of things you’ve maybe only dreamed?

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awakening the superhero within
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