Be You – On Purpose.

What does it mean to have an Intentional Personal Presence? Well, we absolutely just made up the term, so I get to tell you all about it as a self-appointed authority on the subject. Actually, someone else probably thought of it first, but… nonetheless, here we go!

At the Epoch and New Age Christianity, we are ALL about living life intentionally. There’s power in our intention.

the power of intention

We’re familiar with all the common facets of life where we apply that power: our jobs, relationships, families, hopes and dreams./Pause for Unicorn crossing/ However, there’s one area that is largely overlooked: Our personal image. The very way we present ourselves to the world and the rest of humanity often gets nothing more than a nod and a passing: “Eh, at least I’m not naked…” as we shuffle ourselves out the door in the morning.

There have been numerous studies about the clothes we wear, how we style our hair, even the degree of scuffing on our shoes – and the effects it has on others’ perception of us. So, what if instead of throwing on whatever’s clean or purchasing clothes because they fit and provide us with a socially acceptable appearance – we put intention into how we present ourselves?

We all have That One Shirt or pair of shoes or tie or whatever article of clothing that makes us stand a little taller and approach our day with a bit more confidence or spark of happiness. What if your entire wardrobe consisted of nothing but items that elicited feelings like this? Holy crap, you’d be an unstoppable, fabulous force of intention and will. Or at the very least, you’d be navigating through your day feeling more powerful and more… you.

I encourage you, as I sit here in my solid, silver glitter Dr. Martin combat boots, to start choosing articles to adorn yourself with that speak of your Authentic Self. Because I love these boots and they were chosen from a place of identity, joy, and – just genuine and unconditional love for who I am – I rock this shit. I own it. If you’re worried that the styles you more naturally gravitate towards are outside the social norms – don’t be. If you present yourself with confidence, which I will add is easier to do when you’re wearing things that represent your true Self, you’d be surprised at people’s reaction to you. I have only ever gotten compliments and the starry-eyed adoration of children, because of these crazy ass boots. I’m almost 37 years old. I give zero shits.

I realize professionalism and in some cases: The Law, may need to be considered when we present our truths. If you wanna be naked? Man, do it… but maybe at home with the curtains drawn, or move to a colony? If you’re a professional, start looking into the type of image you want to project. It doesn’t always have to be quirky, authentic self stuff… intentionality could be directed towards creating an image that projects who you want to be, the job you want/have, or the type of people you want to reach and connect with. You could even… lie. That’s right. Intentionality doesn’t always have to be Truth, that’s just my personal preference. Would I wear my Sparkle Boots if I wanted the opportunity to say – address congress? Well, probably yeah. But the chance that I would lose credibility is real. They probably wouldn’t let me in, actually.

Intentional personal image goes well beyond what we choose to decorate our meat suits with. Body language, posture… hygiene (you know who you are) speak volumes about our identity. Even our beliefs come into play here. What you believe about yourself to be true, and even what you believe about others, can affect how you interact with the world around you. If, for whatever reason, you believe your… haircut is stupid – that you just look ridiculous (Last time you let your mom cut your bangs, am I right?) how is that going to affect your day, your confidence, your thoughts, and interactions with others? It’s probably not going to be your best day. Now, if we relate that to longer-lived and deeper-seated beliefs about ourselves, our worth, or appearance – how much stronger is that effect? How do those beliefs affect your mood? Your view of others?

There is even a reality to your energetic field and how your beliefs can affect and alter that energy. I’m sure you’ve walked into a room before and been able to sense the tension between two people, without knowing they were just having a heated conversation. You can project anger, happiness, love… anything, through your energetic radiance. Have some fun, experiment with being intentionally joyful to your barista – or spread a little extra love to a family member and see if their mood shifts. I don’t really want to encourage you to experiment with the negative ones… that’s how villains are born – but I’m not your mom.

Love and discover yourself – or decide who you want to be – and then be you, intentionally.

be you on purpose
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