Beast of Revelation Revealed – Dr. Kenneth Gentry

Regarding this message of Dr. Kenneth Gentry’s, Dr. Martin Trench says, “The Book of Revelation was written to churches which existed in the first century AD – churches who were about to face persecution from Nero – who was known to his own citizens as “that great beast.” Nero had statues to himself placed at the Agora and refused entry to anyone who wanted to buy or sell unless they worshiped him. Once you know who the “Beast” of Revelation truly was, you will no longer fall for every new idea that comes along. Dr. Kenneth Gentry knocks it out of the park with this teaching.”

We chose this teaching because it gives insight into commonly misquoted passages of the Bible and provides perspectives not commonly taught within mainstream Christian teaching. We believe the perspectives that Dr. Gentry gives here are paramount to understanding the age we are currently in and the proper placement of the ages past for our clearer understanding of history and the Bible.

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