Blazing Through the Minefield of Political Correctness

On this episode of the Epoch Podcast we discuss the minefield of political correctness… is society changing for the better or are we all just kidding ourselves? We don’t tiptoe too timidly in this conversation worth having!

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Topics we get into:

  • definition of political correctness
  • saying the “right” things vs actual beliefs
  • Jen’s personal experience with pronoun preferences and the awkwardness it created
  • the problem of drawing more attention to these things and self-fulfilling prophecy
  • Matt’s personal experience with problematic testing
  • political correctness’ need for oppression
  • moral self-licensing
  • censorship and freedom of speech
  • how suppressing dialogue suppresses growth
  • the reality of echo chambers
  • how political correctness promotes collectivism
  • the core issue political correctness stems from
  • the value of political correctness
  • the very interesting reality of stereotype threat
  • the politicizing of relevant human issues
  • the importance of honor and the big difference even very simple expressions of love can make

Our Posts for This Episode

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Tico & Tina | 2 Sinister Facets of Political Correctness You Didn’t Know

Resource/s Mentioned

JP Spears
Jordan Peterson video
Morgan Freeman quote

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