Francois du Toit


Francois du Toit grew up in a home where Jesus was loved and lived. His parents were in full-time ministry in an interdenominational mission. His eldest brother Leon is a missionary in the Ukraine and Russia for many years.

Lydia and Francois met on the 25th of August 1974, while he was working with Youth For Christ. She was sixteen and he nineteen! The following year he studied Greek and Hebrew at the University of Pretoria for three years while Lydia completed her nursing training. In 1978 Francois also spent a year with Youth with a Mission.

They married in January 1979 and are blessed with four amazing children, Renaldo, Tehilla, Christo, and Stefan. They worked in full-time mission for fourteen years, during which time they also pastored a church and led a training facility for more than 700 students over a five-year period.

They then left the ministry and for ten years did business mainly in the tourism industry. They built and managed a Safari Lodge in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve and eventually relocated to Hermanus where they started Southern Right boat-based whale watching.

In December 2000 Francois began to write the book, “God believes in You” which led to him being invited to speak at various Christian camps and churches.

They are now back in full-time ministry since February 2004, and travel at least once a year abroad and almost every month into Africa and around South Africa.

Francois has written several books in both English and Afrikaans, including God Believes in You, Divine Embrace, Done! and The Mystery Revealed. He is currently passionately engaged in continuing with the translation of the Mirror Bible.

His work is being translated into several African languages as well as Chinese, Russian, Hungarian, German, French, Spanish, Swedish, Polish, Portuguese, Dutch and Slovakian.

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