Jamie Englehart

Jamie Englehart is the president and founder of Connect International Ministries, which is a family of churches, ministries, business', and leaders and he also serves on several church and ministry boards in a Bishop/overseer capacity.

Jamie primarily functions in the apostolic and prophetic giftings and serves by giving insight and oversight to many churches, pastors, ministries, and business leaders. He is widely sought after for his unique multi-dimensional understanding of the kingdom of God, the New Covenant, and the heart of The Father revealed in Christ.

Jamie is married to Wendy, who is a recording artist, and for over 25 years they have traveled and ministered across the globe where they have served as elders, church planters, teachers, and itinerant prophets and apostle. They have two children - Brittany Englehart Rocha and Brandon Englehart, as well as a son-in-love Estevan Rocha, and the most beautiful granddaughter on the planet, Caydence Grace Rocha. Their children traveled with them and ministered for their first 16 years and are very gifted musically and are sharing the heart of Jesus in both the church and secular World. Their desire is to see future generations empowered, affirmed, fathered, and sent into their Kingdom purpose by releasing inheritance and connecting generations.