My goal is to be a different voice. A reflection from a coming age. A voice that is a little bit more sarcastic, but a voice you can find comfort in. I hope to inspire you, make new connections, and hopefully *fingers crossed* make you laugh and realize- you are not crazy. This shit happens to everyone.

A little bit more about me, I am a 30 something year old, living in the United States...tentatively.

I have a husband. Our marriage is in the double digits now...whoop, whoop.

We created 2 beautiful children, whose real names shall not be spoken.

For the purpose of this blog they will be referred to as C and B.

I have a BS in Elementary Education, a M.Ed in Educational Leadership, and over 10 years of experience in teaching children and adults.

**Not to mention successfully keeping my own children alive.

I currently have dyslexia. My spelling is atrocious (I had to google how to spell that.) My verb tense is questionable. If you are a grammar nazi, move on, my blog posts are not for you.

I write poetry, and I guess blogs now.

I wish I could draw better so I could illustrate my poems. I pretend to paint.

My motivation behind all these shenanigans is to help you deconstruct your preconceived beliefs and to rebuild them in a way that helps you live a smarter, more fluid life.  

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