Dr. Kenneth Gentry

Dr. Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr. is Research Professor in New Testament (Whitefield Theological Seminary), a theological researcher and writer, conference speaker, and a retired Presbyterian pastor (after 37 years of pastoral ministry).

Dr. Gentry’s site offers “Serious Studies for Serious Christians” in a broad range of theological and exegetical issues from a Reformed theological perspective. Some of the key issues for which he has educational materials include: Calvinism, reformed theology, Presbyterianism, eschatology in general, postmillennialism, preterism, the Book of Revelation, theonomy, six-day creation, presuppositionalism, predestination, lordship salvation, infant baptism, the Christian worldview, Christian education, the Christian and alcohol, and more.

Dr. Gentry has produced in-depth materials critiquing and rebutting dispensationalism, Hyper-preterism, the framework hypothesis, paedocommunion, exclusive psalmody, annihilationism, and other popular theological aberrations.

Because of his interest in promoting the Christian worldview, he also offers a Christian writing correspondence course: “Righteous Writing.” This course is designed to train in reading techniques, research method, improving writing style, securing a publisher, and techniques of book promotion. Writing well can be an important means of promoting the faith in the marketplace of ideas.

Dr. Gentry is the Director of GoodBirth Ministries, a non-profit religious educational ministry committed to sponsoring, subsidizing, and advancing serious Christian scholarship and education.