Dr. Lynn Hiles

Dr. Lynn Hiles opens the word of God in a dynamic style, not only causing the hearer to easily understand, but also enabling an impartation of the spirit of revelation that unveils the kingdom of God with love and grace to people around the world.

Dr. Hiles has an apostolic mission encompassing over 35 years of traveling ministry. Dr. Hiles flows in the gifts of the spirit and gives insight and oversight to churches internationally. He also hosts a national TV program titled “Dr. Lynn Hiles – That You Might Have Life” on “The Church Channel” on Dish Network, Direct TV, & many cable networks.

He and his wife live in Berkeley Springs West Virginia where they are part of the Word of Deliverance Association. Dr. Hiles holds a doctorate of theology in biblical studies from Vineyard Harvest Bible College of Cedartown, Georgia, as well as the author of three books, “God’s Beauty and the Beast”,“The Revelation of Jesus Christ” & “Unforced Rhythms of Grace.

My greatest accomplishments is not the books I have written or the platforms I have preached on, it is knowing that my wife and I have raised two sons who love and embrace Jesus Christ.” – Dr. Lynn Hiles