Discover Your Source – Francois du Toit

Francois du Toit gives a reassuring message about the wonderful truth of who we are and how special we are to God. He encourages us to recognize and operate out of our powerful identity, and then interact with others based on their true identity as well.

He reminds us that Jesus did not buy us back from the devil, or persuade a reluctant Father for our redemption, but that he paid the ultimate price to persuade our minds of the eternal value that we carry.

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Francois du Toit

Francois du Toit is a teacher and the author of Mirror Bible and other books. His parents were in full-time ministry in an interdenominational mission. Francois & Lydia are in full-time ministry since 2004, and travel at least once a year abroad and almost every month into Africa and around South Africa. Francois has written several books in both English and Afrikaans.