Exposing Hidden Secrets of Money (Mike Maloney)

On this episode of the Epoch Podcast, we discuss Mike Maloney’s Hidden Secrets of Money and the unbelievable truth of our monetary system – most people have no idea, do you?

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This Conversation Worth Having stems from Mike Maloney’s Hidden Secrets of Money 4, and we discuss:

  • the temptation to get depressed by the reality of our monetary system
  • quantitative easing and getting away with it…
  • the truth about the Federal Reserve
  • how our currency relies solely on corporate belief
  • what we’re really trading away our lives for…
  • why the US can never truly pay their debt with the current model
  • would blockchain and cryptocurrency help?
  • negative interest rates
  • conspiracy of Global Currency Reset
  • once again, the importance of beliefs
  • being prepared

Resource/s Mentioned

Christine Lagarde
Alan Greenspan
Michael Bloomberg
John F Kennedy
Lyndon Johnson

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