Freedom is Not in Style: Controlling Our Fellowman

On this episode of the Epoch Podcast we discuss the dehumanization of our fellowman that’s taking place in mass quantities through a prison system that leaves much to be desired. Why aren’t we modeling programs that have much higher success rates? What are we actually trying to accomplish here??? It’s easy to ignore, but there are many innocent people whose lives have been destroyed, and that could be you.

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Topics we get into:

  • the US prison system’s gross overpopulation compared statistically to the rest of the world
  • How did we end up with the current incarceration problem?
  • Are private prisons part of the problem or solution?
  • What goal is the whole system actually trying to accomplish?
  • How we are plain and simply dehumanizing people
  • President Trump’s push for better training and equipping of inmates to return to society more successfully
  • examples of absolutely ridiculous reasons for imprisonment and outrageous associated costs
  • how freedom is not in style
  • changing marijuana laws and those who are still imprisoned
  • the struggle of injustice for those coming out of the prison system compared to those in free society
  • when cocaine was legal… and the war on drugs problem
  • profiling and segregation
  • Portugal’s drug program successes
  • trying to control your fellowman
  • people whose lives are stolen from them through wrong convictions and the importance of awareness in general
  • the breakdown of families caused by imprisonment

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Resource/s Mentioned

New Age Christianity
Culture of HonorDanny Silk

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