Gender and Sexual Identity – Love vs Law

On this episode of the Epoch Podcast we tackle ideas about gender and sexuality and finding it hard to keep up with the ever-changing language. Some of us had thoughts we didn’t expect prior to researching, so it was definitely a conversation worth having!

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Topics we get into:

  • the problem of language
  • the genderbread person – understanding the perception of gender identity vs gender expression vs biological sex vs sexual orientation
  • interactions with others based on gender
  • statistics of physical ambiguity and the very real issues it can cause
  • the recognition that many of us have, at points, unjustly written these issues off
  • it’s easier to control confused people…
  • what age do people really know themselves?
  • it’s hard enough to be a teen and preteen, let alone one who’s dealing with gender and sexual identity issues
  • why couldn’t body positivity be used in a broader sense?
  • body dysmorphia and neural body mapping
  • the inconvenience of minorities and our responsibility
  • why “marriage”?
  • does your soul or spirit have a gender?
  • male energy vs female energy
  • how everyone has male and female components
  • the importance of taking all the factors into account vs assuming things just are
  • trauma and abuse and the goal of healthy, whole people
  • why law is never the compassionate solution

Resource/s Mentioned

Joe Rogan/Adam Ruins Everything
the ACE test

the Epoch Podcast 035: Gender and Sexual Identity - Love vs Law | Joe Rogan, Adam Ruins Everything, body dysmorphia, marriage, trauma, abuse, male energy, female energy

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