Hacking Your Energy: Why Affirmations Fail

On this episode of the Epoch Podcast we discuss biohacking with energy and some of the many different modalities you can use, as well as our personal experiences. You might be surprised to realize some of the things you’re already doing, or inspired to try something new!

the Epoch Podcast 019: Hacking Your Energy: Why Affirmations Fail | #epochpodcast #yourweeklydoseofmentalforeplay | beliefs, energy, faith, subconscious mind

Topics we get into:

  • belief and emotions role in health and experience of living
  • science mixing with spirituality – quantum physics proving all the things
  • your life as a reflection of your beliefs
  • the energy around words
  • how our subconscious mind runs our lives
  • epigenetics – how our DNA is only the blueprint, but we’re the contractor
  • why affirmations don’t really work
  • why there’s no one-size-fits-all formula
  • the oldest energy work modality
  • why some of us won’t pray for people
  • why faith is unavoidable
  • the glorification of being oppressed
  • how what we learn is automatically passed down
  • muscle testing the effects of praying in tongues
  • EFT / tapping, acupuncture
  • using substances to access the subconscious mind
  • isolation tank experiences
  • binaural beats
  • the role of intention in modalities – praying for your food
  • the importance of awareness – spirit, soul, body
  • laughter and sound therapy
  • the plant experiment – proving thoughts are real
  • using modalities as a crutch

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Resource/s Mentioned

Dr Caroline Leaf
The Secret / The Law of Attraction
Dr Rhonda Patrick – Found My Fitness
Emotion Code and Body Code
The Intention Experiment – Lynn McTaggart
The Secret Life of Plants

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Matt 1:01
This week we’re talking about biohacking with energy. So, previous week, we talked about biohacking through a variety of modalities, whether it was through nutrition or things that you could do exercises, mental exercises, whatever. This week, though, specifically, we’re targeting it on energy practices. So there are a variety of levels of experience in this podcast. Like, I’ve got maybe a limited basis, but I’ve gone through the Psych-K Basic, which is short for psychological, kinesiology, and psyche advanced. But then there’s people that have more, much more even maybe even maybe even businesses based around this whole thing. So they’re much more in depth. And maybe they’d care to take this baton and run.

Austin 1:55
So welcome. So we did that biohacking. I think it was two episodes ago, I don’t know when it was when going to air. But for my research, particularly, I came up my basically said energy work is the ultimate biohack. And if you’re familiar with Bruce Lipton, and the Biology of Belief, as well as people like Dr. Carolne leaf, there’s I know there’s others out there that are Joe Dispenza more and more doctors and trained medical individuals starting to see that beliefs and emotions and kind of those unseen energies have way more to do with your health in your experience of living, then, you know, then previously understood. And, you know, the Biology Belief, I mean, Bruce Lipton’s main point is that it’s not your DNA. It’s epigenetics, which is essentially, that the environment around your DNA actually turns stuff on and off, you can turn on cancer or turn off cancer, you can turn on depression or turn off depression, based on the environment around your DNA. So and he would say that the primary source of environment is vibration, energy, frequency, and those come from your beliefs, those come from your emotions, and, and thoughts and all of those things. So science is starting to mix with spirituality, you know, in the spiritual world, for years, for thousands of years, they have have essentially taught that your life is a reflection of your beliefs. And they’ve done it in a different way. And now science is starting to realize that your life truly is a reflection, everybody’s not just your, your natural life, not just your relationships, or your business or whatever. But even your physical life, like whether or not you have cancer, whether or not you have, you know, a particular ailment, can often if not almost always be tracked back to a belief or emotions or something in the unseen world of energy. And a little test I like to do, you know, for people who aren’t familiar with energy work, or kind of think it’s woo woo and weird. All you have to do is think of a president’s name that you don’t like, like, if you love Trump, you know, but hate Obama, then just think, you know, just think of it take five real seconds to think about Obama. And you realize really quick that there’s energy that those emotions rise up or, you know, think of your least favorite political opponent, you know, and you’re at your family dinner at Thanksgiving, or are different, different emotions and thoughts and beliefs that, that we carry, that we don’t realize just how quickly things literally become a pain in the neck. Right? Your uncle who’s a pain in the neck? I mean, it’s a little it’s a real thing, because that energy is always there. So I don’t know if that’s there’s so much more to energy work, but in the context of it being a the source of biohacking. I feel like that’s the best explanation I can give at the moment.

Matt 5:12
Right on and like any big company softball game, you bring in the ringer, when it really matters today, we’re bringing in the ringer. And she did some research. So, care to share?

Austin 5:24
Joanie? You’re the ringer.

Jen 5:26
Don’t worry, I didn’t follow that that baseball analogy either. So you’re

Joanie 5:32
not a baseball follower… Well, I was just thinking, you know, you talked about your environment and kind of setting this up with how, how we how we know energy is a thing. Why are we even talking about this? Because you do know that doctors are now saying to reduce your stress, because it affects your body. So your environment, so your thoughts. So all of that affects you, we know that being around electrical equipment affects your body, you know, all these things. And we also know that walking through the forest decreases stress, that being in that environment, being around positive energy increases the way you feel. So

Austin 6:22
energy is everything. Quantum Physics is obviously proving that more and more every day, that what we even what we consider to be solid matter is what does it mean 98% space or whatever it makes 99%, whatever it is that everything, holding all things together in between all of it is simply vibration, frequency, energy, ether, lots of different names for it. So if that is the vast majority of all things that exist, then learning how to manipulate and affect those things. Seems like it might be the fastest way, and maybe not, and possibly even the most efficient. And I can’t think of the word, the thing that gets all of it done. Like that, thank you, that’s I could think of the word and most comprehensive way to hack your body healthcare life, is through energy work, and the different modalities that there are. So

David 7:26
I did a little bit, um, I, today, watched a very concise video that Bruce darn, I don’t even know, I don’t think it was Bruce, but it was somebody did a mix of his stuff. But um, the thing that struck me was the the division that he does of the conscious and subconscious or the conscious and subconscious mind. And how this, the, your DNA is essentially a blueprint. In this, this analogy was awesome. But he said, your DNA is the blueprint in the the subconscious is the contractor that puts that blueprint into effect. And so you can have, you know, obviously, everyone’s been subjected to crappy construction and good construction, and so on and so forth. It doesn’t matter. The plans will be the plans, you know, the house plans are going to be the house plans, but they don’t affect how the house will be built as much as the contractor does. And,

Austin 8:44
That’s a good analogy

David 8:49
because it’s, it’s Yeah, I mean, and for a long time in this, this, this was his point, in saying, you know, for the longest time, we thought that our genes that the DNA that the blueprint was the one that actually turned things on and off, like you were saying, but it wasn’t that it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s more of how it’s turned on maybe or or, you know, what, what quality of turning on it does, maybe, I don’t know, but it was, I thought his this this little video that I watched today was just amazing in the sense that the more I understand, the more I get Bruce’s message says like, it makes so much so much sense. He says, you know, that it’s what 95% of our functioning is done by the subconscious mind. Whereas only like 5% is done by the conscious mind. The the one and this is another one that I heard on at Psych-K when we were there in Michigan, but the the subconscious mind has a processing power of like 40 million bits per second. Is that it?

Austin 10:10
I think so. Yeah,

I think it’s something like that. Whereas this, the conscious mind only has 40? So it’s like you’re literally being controlled by the part of your mind. Yeah, that is that has all the blueprints and you know what kind of what kind of contractor is putting those blueprints into effect a crappy contractor, a good contractor.

If you think about what your subconscious mind is controlling. And then there’s other components, your mind, like the the reticular activating system, stuff like that, like, there is so much information available, and there’s so much stuff that needs to happen, right. So I’m, while I’m talking, I’m breathing while I’m breathing, my heart is pumping, while I’m blinking my eyes when I need to blink, I’m moving my hands as I’m talking. All of those, you don’t have to think about those things, right? the conscious mind handles creative thought in a lot of ways it handles those kind of, you know, conscious, intentional thought, growth, learning stuff like that, should decision choices, somebody that, but everything else, everything else when it comes to how your body and your existence works. Your subconscious mind is is the one running the program. And I love what Bruce basically says like, so you want to start, you want to stop smoking, right? Then you’ve consciously chosen to stop smoking. And you know, six months later, you’re still smoking, you can’t figure out why you can’t quit. It’s because unless you’re unless it is so much in the front of your mind that that not smoking is the most important thing, your conscious mind at its 5% of your life and existence has to be running at top speed on that one subject for long enough for it to override the 95% that your subconscious is just constantly on autopilot. And there’s a reason that people have such a hard time changing. Traditionally, without some of these energy modalities that we’ll get into traditionally, it’s so difficult to change. So you know, quit smoking or I want to get I want to lose weight, I want to stop yelling at my kids, you know, all these different things that we we want to do consciously. And yet we look at ourselves and miracle I did it again. It’s because there’s a program. And it is like a computer. And another analogy I’ve heard him use that I like is, you know, when, when you’re working on a computer, the the software and even the firmware behind everything is 95% of what your computer’s doing at any time. But you might have a word processor open like Microsoft Word, and you might actually be typing something you might be on the internet, like you searching the internet is a fraction of what you computer is doing all the time. Right that computer is is sending video to your screen, it is downloading stuff in the background it is, you know, it’s making sure that the hardware can talk to each other like that computer is doing so much more. But you’re surfing the internet. Right? And it is you can use the conscious mind to insert new programming. But there’s and that’s what a lot of affirmations and stuff from like the Secret via visualizations like that, you can try to program your subconscious mind with the conscious mind. But that stuff typically takes forever. And a lot of people have found it doesn’t work. And they just think it’s bullcrap. These modalities, these energy modalities we’re gonna get into Bruce Lipton. And we’ve talked about psyche a few times. And Bruce loves that one. But yeah, that the difference between the conscious mind and subconscious mind and how your life reflects that is largely discussion on beliefs, specifically, I believe is only one of the energies that we’re working with.

Joanie 14:06
That’s what I was going to say is that, you know, one of the modalities that I looked at was crystals or the sun or being outside because those carry a vibrational frequency. And you can use that to manipulate your frequency, which could be tied to subconscious beliefs. And that’s one of the other things I was looking at as it’s all kind of tied together. But that in a very practical way your environment and what you’re interacting with. And in a third way, the people that you’re interacting with, also send out a frequency and vibration into your life and can affect your energy. So there’s three things I think the subconscious beliefs are probably one of the biggest factors. Because if you change your subconscious beliefs, then you may change the people you’re around and the environment you’re around. But everything is going to affect all parts of you.

Austin 14:59
Yeah it’s not it’s not a mechanical system with cogs, you can know it is an organic system. That’s all intertwined. For sure.

David 15:06
Can you for for the sake of the people that are kind of very, very new at this, can you? Can you show us like an example and almost like an X ray of what’s going on? As far as like a subconscious reprogramming? In other words, like say, if you have somebody that that I know, like in he used Bruce used a lady that or was it a kid, I don’t know, that that was at the store, and his mom made him feel like he was not worthy of the candy that not worthy of the $1 that it costs to get that candy bar. And it somehow got ingrained in his psyche? Or in his subconscious. When you how does that play out in somebody’s life? And and then how would you? Or how, how, what is the process? I don’t know if we really want to get into a lot of detail. But what would it look like why why is this important is I can answer it, but I know my my my response is going to be really small compared to what you guys like, understand

Christina 16:25
Can I say one thing before you do that, because it what what Austin said earlier about the word processor and the computer running all the systems and everything made me think like something that I had thought of in relation to the affirmations and how they don’t work is if you’re on that computer, the computer is running all these programs. And you’re there typing something in the word processor, for example, affirmations, typing, affirmations, typing affirmations. And that being your modality to try to like, make a new program on the computer, but it’s, you’re not you’re not changing any of the processes in the background, you’re just, I’m worthy, I’m worthy, I’m worthy. So, to me, that was a good, that’s a good visual of why affirmations seem to be so clunky, sometimes. It doesn’t change anything in the background,

David 17:19
you’re gonna change that one document

Jen 17:21
Because David used the example of a kid in a store. And that’s kind of my wheelhouse. I’m gonna hop on that for half a second and just say that, yes, as parents and people in are in relationships are communicating with each other our words matter, and they do either build up or tear down people’s psyche. But the problem with saying, you know, what’s, how do we fix this child, there is no one formula that will fix that child, just like we have, you know, hundreds, maybe thousands of different modalities on how to fix something. And what might work for me isn’t going to work for Matt and what might work for me today might not work for me two weeks from now. And so the joy of this journey is filtering through what’s working for me now what’s the lesson that I need to learn now awesome, taking it running with it becoming efficient and proficient with it. And then something else is going to come our way where we get to learn and explore something different. On my own personal journey like I when we were doing Psych-K, I loved Psych-K and I, I used it to the best of my ability. But now I hardly ever use Psych-K I’ll use sometimes I’ll do the cross sitting positions to think but when it comes to like, how do I fix a belief or whatever, I’m using different about modalities. And I used to be into crystals really lot. I don’t gravitate toward that right now. Because that’s not the season that I’m in. And so as much as like As humans, we want to we want to have a three step process to get to the final project. It’s not, that’s not how it works. That’s not how life works. not how spirituality works, it’s working through the mire in the muck to get to the end product that gives you that satisfaction of the only thing I think about right now I leveled up and but that’s really like if you’re leveling up and you’re going to this new level where you might have something that reflects kind of the same situation, but you have to come at it with different tools to get to a different result.

I kind of think that’s awesome. Because that’s a great picture of what we do in life just in general. You went to Psych-K and it served a purpose in your life. And maybe that answered all the things in your life that Psych-K was supposed to answer for you. And now you’re continuing to grow and moving on to the next thing. I think it’s unfortunate sometimes that people get stuck on one thing, and that’s it for the rest of their life. Sometimes that’s what they’re supposed to do. And they’re supposed to spread that message to other people. And that’s fine. But to I think as a society, we look down on change or look down on changing our mind and growing. Because they don’t see it as growing. They just seen it as Oh, something didn’t work and getting out being wishy washy, wrong, right? flip flopping Oh, props to you for growing. And there’s as I found 100, at least 100 different modalities. So continue to push into things and find something that does work for you with where you’re at. So I think that’s awesome.

Austin 20:18
Neither one rule I tell anybody. Like, because this is largely most of these modalities you find in a spiritual community. Right. So and I would say the most commonly well-known energy work modality is known as prayer. You know, I mean, it’s the Biology of Belief in you know, Jesus says, When you pray, believe that you have what you asked for, and it shall be given to you it’s the law of attraction in a sentence, by Jesus Himself like, so there is this innate understanding inside spiritual communities that we can affect the ether, this unseen world we can something about us can touch that, that invisible substance and change stuff. And that’s the truth. That is the that is energy work in a nutshell. The thing is, is I always ask people, well, how’s it working for you? Right? So if you’ve been praying the same way for 20 years, and nothing has changed, I would suggest that maybe you it’s not working.

Matt 21:21
Some people aren’t so hot on thoughts and prayers right now.

Jen 21:25
I work through my thoughts and prayers, beef, and I am at peace with it. And I can go into that if you want or I can save it for another time I was just gave me a look like my wife is not cool thoughts and prayers. So it kind of going with what Austing was saying

Joanie 21:43
You mean you’re not going to send me good thoughts if I’m having a bad day?

Jen 21:46
I will. But I’m not going to send it to an emoji on some kind of social media platforms. And I’m not going to say prayers, because that to me, is words without actions or words without belief like what is that intent? Am I going to seriously sit down and thoughtfully think about you and thoughtfully pray for you? Yes. But if I don’t have the time to sit down and to give you that honor and respect that you deserve then, I’m not going to say I’m going to give you thoughts and prayers, because that’s just a ding on my own integrity and character.

Joanie 22:14
It’s okay, I don’t tell people I’m going to pray for them either.

Jen 22:17
I just like whatever spiritual vocabulary, I’m calling it like, I do something for you. And people kind of laughed and looked at me weird. I’m like, but it’s, it’s genuine. You know? I want to call it

Austin 22:31
I’ve had many people asked me to pray for them and have said, No.

Jen 22:38
Do you really don’t want me praying for you? Because I’m going to pray for maybe not so much my will or your will, will but like the best outcome and you might not like that. So you don’t know if you want me praying for you. Because

Austin 22:50
Well prayer when you pray believe, right. And most people been prayed for things so many times that they have no faith whatsoever. And so I’ve been prayed for a thousand times that this thing would go away. And will you pray for me? No, no, because I’m not I’m not going to enter your unbelief. Like, I’m just gonna, it’s going to be the literally the antithesis of what you’re wanting. If we pray again and you’re going to walk away, you’re not going to get it and you’re going to think, yep, God’s holding out on me some more. So no, I’m not gonna pray for you. Because that’s stupid.

Joanie 23:30
Oh, I was saying it becomes just an affirmation at that point, the negative one thing? Yeah, it can be negative, and just trying to re instill a belief consciously. And that’s not how it works.

Austin 23:41
And that’s the the shit, that emphasis on shit, that so many people Oh, this crap doesn’t work? Well. There is an element of faith in all of this. And faith not in the Oh, I guess I know, science and every like, literally biologically, there is the realities of it that are being scientifically proven, but you can’t see them with your eyes. And faith is the substance of things unseen. Right? So there is this, you know, just because the doctor says it’s happening, there’s so many people that won’t, but I still can’t really see it. So well, maybe over time, there’ll be enough evidence and the studies done around that, where you’ll start to realize that maybe stress is giving you cancer, right? You can’t see it giving you cancer, but medical industry is pretty damn sure that it gives you cancer. So stop, you know, and just people just kind of have this like, Well, I mean, if I can get my arm cut off by an accident, I mean, clearly I know what the problem was, well, alright, well, if you want to live in that totally seen world, and this unseen world has nothing to do with your health and the quality of your life. So be it you’re cruising for a bruising, but whatever.

Matt 25:02
I think that a lot of people might hear that, you know, like the comment that you know that that stress is giving you a cancer, I think that that is an extremely negative thing. But I think in reality, it’s a very positive thing. Because we’ve been working with this idea of, you know, you know, nature versus nurture, like, you know, it’s in your genes, it’s out of your control like that cancer is in your genes, well guess what it might be in your genes. But how you deal with life, how you allow those genes to be expressed is within your control, largely. And so all of a sudden, you’re like, Oh, so if I go out of my way to make sure that I’m maintaining positive energy around me that I’m, I’m sending myself them good vibes. And I’m learning stress. So you know, the times that I want to, you know, stress with purpose, like working out is stress, with purpose. And it has positive effects anyways, literally the chronic stress that leads expression of those genes that causes cancer, like, all of a sudden, life is within your control. And so I think many people don’t see it as a bad thing. It’s I think it’s a great thing.

Austin 26:05
So many people because I teach do teach that your life is a reflection of your beliefs. And a lot of people get mad. Yeah. Because you realize, because it’s, well, I didn’t attract that. And there’s no reason that, you know, I got this happened to me, when I was a kid, there’s no way that I had anything to do with that. And they ended, they feel powerful by being a victim, as opposed to taking responsibility for their part they played and realizing Wait a minute, if I attracted this, or I’ve I vibrated on this frequency to have this happen. Sure. wasn’t a fan of the moment. Try not to do that again. But you’re telling me I can change my frequency, I can change my life. And I’m actually I actually do have the power. And that is there’s, there’s always to one of two camps that people when they hear this, there’s the group that they’ve had some crap happened in their lives, and they walk away offended and hurt. And how dare you tell me that this is that I have any control over what all this stuff that’s happened to me. And then there’s a whole nother group that, that walks away, like, this is awesome, I can change my life, I actually have power again. And it’s the same message, it’s just a matter of how you hear it.

David 27:17
Yeah, I probably shouldn’t go here.

Jen 27:22
Do it

David 27:24
I mean, let’s, let’s just let’s just flat out say that. I mean, there, there is a lot of victim mentality peddling that that’s going on, in our country today. I mean, it’s, it’s almost glorified to be considered a victim or an oppressed minority or something of the sort. And so, you know, it’s because you’re oppressed, it’s because of XYZ, that you have not been able to do the things that you have not been able to succeed the way that you want to succeed. And, and, and just go go there, hey, maybe you have some responsibility for your life. And see what happens. I, the reason why I was agreeing with you so profusely, was because it makes total sense. I mean, who wants to? Who wants to hear that the problems in your life are your own fault? You know, nobody does. And when you go there, when you when you when you say, Hey, you know, maybe you have some responsibility, you know, it makes your your, it ticks you off, and it makes you like you said, How dare you say that, you know, you don’t know my life, you don’t know what I’ve been through? Nothing, nothing was my fault.

Joanie 28:48
Well and I think Matt was talking about like the the physical genetics that’s passed down, there’s, I think there’s a certain level of mental or thought process that is also inherited, as well as taught or learned. And so a lot of times when there’s this learned helplessness or generational poverty, people don’t have the thought process, or they’re not thinking about how can I be different, what can make things change. And so when you do hear about those Cinderella stories about how someone came out from the slums, and made it and is now a millionaire, and like building houses for people, like, that’s the story, we want to cheer, cheer on, because that’s the culture in which we’ve created these larger than life Superman kind of stories. Whereas if we were to do it for everyone wants to take responsibility of their individual life and their actions, and they can say, Hey, you know, like, I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. And something terrible happened to me. And that might have been a chance that might have been something that was thought or maybe my mom was thinking about it, but then to not have that thought process that reflection to say, hey, that’s not going to happen to me again, or I’m going to fight back. And I’m going to stand up for myself, but just to kind of go down that slot, that thought process of not being able to fix yourself and needing someone else to save you or to give you hands out. And instead of thinking, I am the own, my own savior of my story, I can conquer those things. And that’s not something that we’re teaching. And that’s not something that we’re promoting. And that’s not something that as a whole, we’re giving resources for I mean, there are sects of it. But in order for us to like, make it a standard, it’s not there yet,

Matt 30:25
who’s “we” in that? we’re not doing these things, who’s,

Joanie 30:30
I would say the general population, like us we’re doing, we’re making a mark, you know, we’re leading the way but we’re a small minority, it’s not the majority yet. And that’s where we’re going. And that’s where, what we’re planning for and shooting for. But there’s a lot of things that need to get in place. Can’t say Everyone listen to Bruce Lipton and get the Secret in their life, like, how do we get there? How do we get it? So everyone has these? One has the motivation and the drive to actually want to do it? And then two how do we get those resources in their hands?

Austin 31:02
Maybe we could do a podcast?

Jen 31:04
We are that’s why I said we’re doing our role. And then when the masses hear us all over,

Matt 31:11
On a fun note, I think, you know, obviously, you want the message to spread and and you know, additional prominent voices to pick it up and run with it. And we’ve mentioned Bruce a couple times here. I recently I think it was on Instagram, I saw I think it was Dr. Rhonda Patrick, and I’m saying I think I don’t recall I didn’t write it down at the time. But she’s very scientifically oriented, she brings up a bunch of great things on her show, which is I think, Found My Fitness. And one of the cool things that she is posted on was basically, you know, epigenetics and the idea that people who are looking to pass on their genes, if they begin a 30 day exercise regimen, or is this in this case, it’s men, because it’s directly related to their semen will will show the results. So you’re able to express differently in a variety of ways.

Jen 32:07
Thank you for the bio-hack,

Matt 32:08
you can paint the walls in different.

Jen 32:16
So was that just something that they focused on on men? Or was they did did they do it for both and they didn’t have a bigger result?

Matt 32:22
I don’t know how much semen those ladies are making? So

Joanie 32:26
I mean, I don’t know we can go somewhere else.

Joanie 32:33
Have you guys heard the study about the the mice and the I don’t know if this is considered epigenetics, how they pass on what they learn, they’ll have mice and they’ll shock them when they do a certain behavior. And that they end up teaching it without words without anything, they end up teaching it to their kids, and it goes but like three to seven generations. I think it goes seven generations. And but then you equate that to us. One we’re getting what we’ve gotten from seven generations behind us. But then what we’re doing today, and you know, with Psych-K, the balances we’re doing or the energy work that we’re doing is now being passed down seven generations. So the importance of even just talking about it, you know, if we can get one person start looking into energy work, or a modality and start changing one thing in their life, that’s compounding huge into other generations

Austin 33:28
I can’t help but feel like at some point in this episode, we need to do some couple testimonies. Because saying that energy work works or that it’s important or talking about the philosophies behind it is one thing, but in the end, like in the point of any of any modality is is, again that number one rule, if it’s not working for you find a different one.

Joanie 33:51
I was wondering what modalities everybody has tried, like I know, we’re all familiar with Psych-K. Has anyone you mentioned crystals, Jen, has anyone else tried anything else experimented with anything? Anything you’re familiar with?

Christina 34:06
For myself, the only thing that I’ve I think probably the only thing that I can think of at least that I’ve tried is just praying in tongues, and trying doing energy testing beforehand. And after hand to see,

Jen 34:23
like muscle testing is that what you did?

Christina 34:26
I did a muscle testing muscle testing on beliefs before he I mean David’s done it, too, we both tried it, doing muscle testing of beliefs beforehand, and then just praying in tongues with intention towards that belief. And honestly, that’s been my favorite thing. Because it I can it’s like I can tell what’s going on while I’m praying. And I get like I get pictures and not not literal pictures. Like I get I can see that the process is happening in my mind. And it’s really cool. And then yeah, testing afterwards and and did did indeed change beliefs.

Austin 35:12
Have any of you tried EFT?

Matt 35:15
Since I have to ask what that stands for then.

Austin 35:18

Jen 35:19
I had, I was like, Yes, I have. And I don’t know if I would consider that necessarily a modality because I went to an all day training with some clinitional people. So counselors, psychologists and whatnot, and it is very science based. And so it’s more of like a self-help. So like you might have, I might have take a breathing. Like, I’m going to take the five deep breaths, or I’m going to go for a walk or I’m going to sit and do yoga. It’s kind of like one of those things where it’s like a self calming tool, not necessarily change your beliefs kind of tool. Does that make sense?

Matt 36:06
Changing beliefs.

Joanie 36:07
I still think it’s energy, but just a different form.

David 36:10
They tap a spot and they don’t they don’t change different topics, you have to think of happy thoughts or

Jen 36:17
No, you don’t have to think of anything actually. Well, kind of. So it’s based off of different

Joanie 36:24
meridian points

Jen 36:26
Yes. And so based on what it is, so it could be if it’s just stress, there’s a certain like I tap my arm, my chest, my hand kind of thing. And if it’s for anxiety, you do a different combination. If it’s for you know, anger, it’s a different combination. And so what you think you can think of that, that anger, thought, you put it on a scale from zero to 10. I’m feeling a 10 right now. Okay. And then I do the tapping sequence, I think again, okay, it’s dropped down to like an eight, okay, I’m going to do it again, or might do a different gamut series. And then the goal is to get you from the highest point to either to one or zero, and then you’re kind of calm for that session.

Matt 37:09
Before we go too deep into jargon, is there I mean, I know before I got into it, I heard the word modality It was like I just kind of fake fake it till I made it. I totally know what that means. So like what modality is, is just a method. Just a practice. Yeah. But I don’t know what EFT stands for.

Austin 37:30
I think the “T” is tapping. Okay.

Jen 37:33
No, it’s thoughts therapy. It’s like therapy. I should I should have. My co workers have all my resources right now.

Austin 37:46
One of the original sources, the original energy modalities is acupuncture. Right? It just works with the meridian points. They were the ones that know acupuncture and essentially invented the meridian map, which all the other modalities are built on. Then you also be obviously then you’ve got that coincides with qi and more spiritual concepts from there as well.

Joanie 38:10
I was looking through this list I’ve got I found this list on SpiritRadical.com. And it’s a list of 100 different modalities. And there’s some like Matt, I know you’re familiar with these, they have a float therapy, and binaural beats on there, like it’s all stuff that’s affecting, they even put meditation on there. Aroma therapy, smudging, like those are all it’s all something, something outside of you that you kind of have to have faith in, that is changing either your mind, your body, your spirit, your aura, it’s changing something about you. So there’s there’s hundreds of different ways.

Christina 38:51
I think, when you start listing some of those off, and it’s like, well, yeah, I guess most, almost everybody’s probably done more stuff than they realize. Definitely done more of that kind of stuff than I was thinking about,

Austin 39:04
right, I mean, to me, prayer is the is the original energy, energy work. Go ahead, Matt.

Matt 39:10
I was just say like, I know it earlier, it was brought up like the idea of a walk through the forest has a certain effect on us. And as I say like, well, what you kind of bring the forest to you in the form of smudging or maybe

Jen 39:22
100 house plants

Joanie 39:26
there’s your thing, Jen, that’s the thing that you

Jen 39:29
like that is that is I would not doubt that one bit

Joanie 39:33
that changes your energy,

Matt 39:36
or, you know, I think at least on TV to portrayed a certain way or different way, but you know, people who ingest the forest via cannabis, like different energy about them?

Jen 39:49
Well, I will say using that as a modality, I have dived into that. And I can have very strong conversations with with Father and whatnot. And sometimes I will feel like I’m being physically like, chiropractor, but not really, it’s just like the spiritual, like, get me back into place kind of thing. And after doing that I was at I was at church one day, and I have some hip issues, hip alignment issues, and my back, my lower back was hurting really badly to the point where I had to sit down during worship, which is like, almost sacrilegious to me personally, like you don’t sit down, you sing and you dance, you do all those things. So that’s that’s the level of priority. But I was like, I was in so much pain, I had to sit down and I was just like, you know what, like, I can do this I can turn on that that spiritual gear and in realign my my chakras or my energy or whatever you want to call it. And so I stood up and it literally felt like someone had their hands on my hips and kind of went and kicked it back and place on my back stop hurting. I was like, hey, like, I can do these things. And so even though I used a modality, of physical substance to get me going in that process, and get it’s kind of like those training wheels, and now it’s like, I don’t need that. And I can turn on that muscle and say, Hey, I can physically align my my energies without any other tools. So that’s a personal testimony, Austin.

Christina 41:14
Never heard that compared to training wheels

Jen 41:18
You’re welcome.

David 41:21
Okay, here we go. What about iowaska?

Jen 41:26
What about it?

David 41:28
to me? Would it just be like a chemical way to enhance? Or to open the doors to the subconscious?

Jen 41:42
Definitely. I mean, I, for me, personally, like, drinking was a really, I like the moment I would get drunk, I’d be like, Thank You Jesus! I might push it ever, because I’m like, having the most intense real conversations with God because I’m drunk. And then I met this group, and I realized, hey, like, first of all, my, my relationship with the Father and the Spirit has been like, bogus, because it hasn’t been real, except when I’m drunk. So that’s something’s not aligning. And the more you like, focus, and you turn this intent, it’s like, it doesn’t have to be like, Lord, please give me that. Whatever you want like it. And there’s just this affirmation that can turn into something real and where you actually asked for something, and you’re going to get it because you believe in it. And I think for me, using those physical things, like helped me get over that whatever stumbling block that made me think that prayer was something more than just asking for a birthday present. Were you hoping to go that real? Sorry, guys.

Austin 42:53
oh we’ll edit all that out. Oh, yeah.

David 42:57
Ever since they moved to Oregon

Austin 43:00
Washington, Washington,

Jen 43:03
I was getting drunk before we got to Washington.

Christina 43:07
It sounds like you’re saying basically, just the concept of getting past your logical reasoning, totally messed up brain stuff.

Jen 43:17
I think that’s the perfect way to say it, Tina, thank you.

Christina 43:18
Yeah really profound sounding Like this, the whole the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the sense of like, having to analyze everything and figure everything out really, really, rationally, and not being able to connect with heart, basically, I guess, is what it’s like,

Matt 43:41
I mean, if I think about it, in that, in those terms about what some of the things that Joanie was bringing up, whether it be like floating like in an isolation tank, where your senses are almost cut off, like there’s nothing to see, so you’re not seeing anything, you’re not hearing anything, you’re floating in saltwater, that is basically body temperature, so you’re not feeling anything, there’s, so your senses are kind of like honestly, short-circuited, there’s just nothing for them to do. So all of a sudden, your brain has, you know, time to do other things energy to do other things with and I found it to be very, very interesting. I had a couple hallucinations while I was in there. I came out feeling extremely rested, I felt I was glowing, they call it a post-float, glow.

Christina 44:32
This is one of those tank things?

Matt 44:34

Christina 44:35

Matt 44:37
I mean, I would recommend people do it once, you know, at least see if there’s any, if the hype is real. But beyond that, she also mentioned binaural beats, and that’s something that I’m super, you know, and I really enjoy that. And then it’s kind of out of my to do list to you can create your own binaural beats just with, there’s programs that exist, as I thought it’d be really fun to take advantage of what they call the Delta Doorway, just kind of like a call like a gateway to your your subconscious. So and then just kind of create my own affirmations and then slide them in during that that transition where your brain goes into those that delta brainwave setup, where your subconscious is kind of like accessible, where you’re suggestible to things. And be curious to see how my own affirmations would slide in there. That would be fun.

Jen 45:30
I would enjoy listening to that.

Matt 45:33
I’ll get on it.

Austin 45:37
Well, it’s there’s there’s so many different modalities. We’ve mentioned Psych-K a few times I, you know, Joanie asked, like, how many different ones have you done? That is a it’s it is a relative question. Given you know, how you define what energy work is? think there are, you know, as you were mentioning, in your research, you know, you found somebody who found 20. And then there was 40 and then 60 and 100. And the thing is, because the broad definition just gets broader, for people trying to define energy work as these as more and more thing, because everything is energy,

Joanie 46:14
it does get a little vague after a little while, and they’re kind of stretching on some of em.

Jen 46:19
Honestly, tho, I think,

Austin 46:22
Go ahead

Jen 46:22
Honestly, if if you turn the intention into it, putting butter on a piece of toast as a modality, like anything that you turn your intention to is it’s going to change your mood, either for the good or the bad.

Matt 46:36
Oh, but, girl, you butter my bread.

David 46:39
I was toasting the other day…

Austin 46:44
I got so toasted.

Christina 46:47
I mean, honestly, like, even, like blessing your food before you eat it, for example, that that’s a modality gonna change the way that the food is in your body.

Joanie 46:57
We actually we knew a guy named Joe, that went to a church picnic, and he would always bless his food no matter what, you know, bless this food, not to hurt me. And he went to a church picnic, and he was the only one that stopped and said, bless this food make it not hurt me, he was the only one that didn’t get food poisoning.

Austin 47:14
People, he’s the only one that didn’t get sick which this this yet? Well, you know, I mean, was it just as metabolism, you know, just

Matt 47:22
because that guy freakin brought potato salad that had been out in the sun

Joanie 47:27
The point was, and that was one of the things I actually wanted to talk about was that anything can be a modality. Inside Psych-K we got pretty advanced. And one of the things you learn towards the end is that you do these balances to change your beliefs, which I

Austin 47:43
spoiler alert, spoiler

Joanie 47:45
alert, spoiler alert. You do these balances to change your beliefs. And by the end, you realize that you can create your own balances. And that’s essentially creating your own modality. And I think part of that is following Spirit following into it. If you feel like you need to butter your bread a different way today, then that’s a modality to you, if you feel like you need to go lay outside in the sun, that’s a modality. And but putting your faith in that I think that’s part of the key is faith and intention. If you don’t have faith and intention, then you’re just letting the world affect you. But no matter what you do, if you put faith and intention in it, it’s going to change who you are, it’s gonna change your environment, it’s gonna change the people around you.

Austin 48:29
I think the faith and intent I did an article a couple months ago, and the I would add one additional thing is awareness. Right. And, and because awareness is essentially the initial thing that pushes you in the direction of, I need to butter my toast differently, right? A lot of people don’t have awareness so step one, intent is step two, and faith is step three. And that, as you You know, I’ve, I’ve created a modality out of the things might I enjoy, Psych-K, Emotion Code, I have experienced Body Code, I’ve never learned it. But Body Code is essentially, Emotion Code advanced. I’ve tried, tapping wasn’t a giant fan of it, because there’s, it’s basically affirmations and meridians. But the where I want to get is like this, you are three part being, you know, spirit, soul, body. And so there’s energy work that affects all three parts Reiki is largely a body energy work, you know, tapping is largely a body energy work. Whereas Psych-K is more of a spirit energy work with your beliefs, Emotion Code is a soul energy, work with your, with your emotions. And so the awareness is not just an awareness in the intent is not just one layer, the more you can become aware of the three parts of who you are, that your beliefs reside in your spirit, that your emotions reside in your soul, and that your body obviously is that’s the most that’s the one that most people are aware of, because it’s our body. But in your actions and stuff like that, there’s they’re all intertwined. And for me, I’m just gonna do a shameless plug for BeliefIQ. Right, I got my little book here, if you see that icon, it’s the Trinity symbol with the dot in, the middle, I made that because it is the spirit, soul, body and they’re all intertwined. Right and you in that that icon is essentially that that is you in the middle. And in the process that I teach, you basically start with your beliefs and your beliefs. You know it can your beliefs define and create your emotions, right. So depending on what you believe about Trump, when I say his name, you’re going to get a certain emotion. So it’s your beliefs that create your emotions, and then your emotions directly affect your actions. Right? Your actions reinforce your beliefs, right. And so you have this spirit, soul body, spirit, soul, body, spirit, soul, body, spirit, soul body thing, it’s always going on inside of you, that you believe scripts, your emotions, your emotions, create your actions, and your actions reinforce your beliefs. And so you can you can interject energy work at any one of those three points. And, and you can start to change the patterns in your life. And you it takes awareness, it takes intent, and it takes faith. But there are so many ways to do it. And there is no again, the the, what’s the right way to do it, the way that works for you, where you’re at, right now for this particular scenario. Right? That’s that’s the way to do it. For me.

Joanie 51:53
I think that’s the best way for everybody.

Jen 51:58
It’s funny, because as you’re talking, like, and I’ve been with, with you, Austin for a while with your teachings. And I just have different viewpoints. And I don’t know if I want to dive into right now. But I think it’s great that as a group, we can have different viewpoints and different conversations, but still come out with growth. And I think that’s what we’re looking for, you know, is continual growth and not getting stagnant. So that’s all I’m gonna say,

Matt 52:26
Ah, teaser there. Don’t make me choose during the podcast, where my allegiance is here?

Jen 52:34
And I think, again, it’s, it’s where you are on your personal journey and how it works for you and how

Matt 52:39
No, I want the magical formula. That’s going to work every time

Jen 52:43
Well you would Mr. Logic mind

Matt 52:48
Something that was in while we’ve been talking here, kind of curious about the idea of the energy that goes along with laughter, the best medicine, you know, it’s often called I mean, have you guys have come across? That suggested laughter has its own kind of energy, and you should spend your life in a comedy club?

That’s a good question, but I did not read it.

I just thought about

Joanie 53:10
I didn’t come across anything like that I’d come across sound therapy. Maybe laughing could go into that. But laughing is definitely deeper than that.

Jen 53:21
I spend time and child cares and hearing like a little baby or an infant toddler, like giggle is,

Joanie 53:29
oh, you can’t help but smile,

Jen 53:30
like the best medicine ever. Like it’s even better than me laughing just hearing them like giggle for no reason. I’m like, Yes, so awesome.

Austin 53:37
say there’s, it is not laughter but ohms with a Buddhist tradition. That that it’s to what they actually teach you and some of the different traditions is to find the they teach you like the ohm that is truly what you were supposed to be doing is that the one that if you don’t put any inflection in your voice, and you just breathe through your vocal cords, because that is your individual natural frequency. Right. And then they have another one where you try to match the frequency of the earth.

Joanie 54:14
And the Tibetan singing bowls.

Austin 54:16
Yeah. And so there’s different sound therapy in there. But one of them being that, that, like, and everyone’s level is different. Because you’re not, you’re not trying to make it a particular pitch, you just let it be you.

Joanie 54:30
I wonder what happens with because you heard those, I think everyone’s heard those rooms of monks ohming, and I believe it is yours. But then there is a reality to like the tuning forks and hit one tuning fork that the one next to it will start to vibrate, that your vibration affects those around you. So I wonder if they’re matching each other, or if someone starts and they all also, like I’ve heard in worship, that everybody’s heartbeat starts to synchronize your breathing the same, and you’re using the same tone, and you’re doing the same. Um, so the commonality in that, that corporate energies,

Austin 55:07
and I do know some of those ohming rooms of monks. That’s not that’s not the only types of frequencies that one of them, one of the big ones is is going to the frequency of the earth as well. Gotcha. So but yeah, it’s that the corporate reality the What is it? The the Intention Experiment? Yeah, you got these in these different meditation experiments around the world. Where it was at a group of hundred people went into this city, and I think it was Iran. And where there was like, the crime was through the roof. And they, they said

Joanie 55:38
Just by meditating, not on anything. Well, sometimes not even anything in particular, by meditating they managed to change

Austin 55:45
30 days or 60 days or something like that

Joanie 55:47
Yeah, the Intention Experiment is a book that is just a whole book of experiments based on intention. It’s really, really cool.

Jen 55:55
Do you know who wrote that book?

Joanie 55:57
Give me a second. Yes, Lynn McTaggart. There we go.

Jen 56:01
Is it is it the same people who didn’t because there was a Facebook I think video of like to the school with the two plants and

Joanie 56:09
the plants, that one is a different book, The Secret Life of plants, which also rocked my world equally, not quite as broad in scope, but Secret Life of Plants is amazing.

Austin 56:23
That’s a good energy testimony.

Joanie 56:25

Austin 56:27
you got the pictures. Thank you. I think I have them too. So this was the beginning of our journey into woowoo land. Because we were Bible thumpers least that was kind of our world. And I think I’ve got it, if you can’t find it.

Joanie 56:50
I just don’t know where they are.

Austin 56:51
You want to tell the story? Well, I’ve.

Joanie 56:54
So I read The Secret Life of plants. And one of the they do an experiment in that book. guy took two leaves of the same plant in his office, and one he just ignored. And the other he decided to give just positive thoughts to this was all just in his head. So he did it for I don’t know, maybe a month, one leaf just giving a positive thoughts, I love you, you’re beautiful, that kind of stuff, the other one he just ignored. And after a month, he noticed that you find a picture? So we did this experiment took two leaves at the same plant, same time, two different sides of the room. One we said I love you the other we just ignored. And after about a month.

Austin 57:37
This was after three weeks.

Jen 57:39
And there’s no longer attached to the plant.

Joanie 57:41
No longer attached to the plant

Austin 57:43
Same room, opposite sides of the room

We and we didn’t say anything either. We just thought I love you to one. And the other one we just ignored. And this was after three weeks. And obviously this is an audio format mostly. So one of the leaves looks like brand new. And the the other one is starting to wilt pretty badly on one side. This is three weeks of saying thinking I love you towards one and ignoring the other. I took this picture. And I sent it to Joanie because she wanted to know. And then I put the leaves back where they were. And I forget, I forget, for whatever reason taking that picture. It’s almost like I forgot the rules. And so I started I don’t know, did you change what you were doing?

Joanie 58:28
No, I think it was just you.

Austin 58:30
So I started thinking the same thing. I love you to one. And instead of ignoring the other, I started saying I hate you just thinking

Jen 58:39
poor plant leaf

Austin 58:40
right. And so that first picture was from three weeks out where one leaf was great, and the other one was starting to wilt. This is three days after that first picture.

Joanie 58:54
and one looks great and the other is

Austin 58:58
beginning to shrivel is like black is night.

the one that’s looking pretty crusty, though that was that stored in the microwave on the

just three days of saying I hate you.

Joanie 59:15
That is the power of thought. Like when I realized that what your own thoughts are freaking doing to yourself, what they’re doing to your kids, what they’re doing to your co workers. And it doesn’t even have to be in the same room, you can think these thoughts about someone on the other side of the world. And it’s your intent, it makes a difference.

Austin 59:37
So thoughts and prayers are thing,

Joanie 59:38
They’re a thing

Jen 59:39
they are.

Matt 59:45
We’ve been going for about an hour now maybe it’s time to go around the circle. And if you got anything that you’ve been holding back on, or one last thought, this is the time

Jen 59:59
I think I’m gonna circle back my hook where I said redesign the feeling recreate the life. For me, I’m a very feeling based person. And so when I can keep my feelings in check, then my I can focus on those redirecting those beliefs and those in those outcomes kind of like what Austin was sharing. And so when you can attach a feeling whether a good bad, a good feeling or a bad feeling and attach it to a life circumstance or a belief, and then you can you can get your own formula to change your life and recreate it.

Austin 1:00:38
For me, the there’s a parable that I’m not going to tell the story if it’s a longer parable. But the long and short of it is is that all modalities are in of themselves. They’re simply something to give your mind something to do. The reality of what is possible with just the simplicity of the human form. And the ability to change your beliefs, the ability to think of new thought, the ability to to deal with your emotions, the ability to change your actions, there is such freedom available. But we have given we often require crutches, we often require, you know, instead of just believing that I’m going to be healed, we need to go to the church, we need to work our leather ourselves up in worship, and then we need to gather around, we need to get the right person to pray for us, we do all of these things and we don’t really need in of themselves, it is our mind’s need to be convinced of them. Right. And so, so many modalities, it’s not that you need the anointed man to pray for you. It’s not that you need the the, the the right, certifications in order to help help people like they’re simply things that your mind needs to be convinced. Because it is about beliefs. And it is about being convinced it is about faith. And so and I would say that all modalities are in of themselves are a crutch. For for the birthright is that is naturally yours as a human. But by all means find the crutches that help you walk. There’s nothing wrong with it. There’s no condemnation in that. But in the end, we all have a just a natural birthright of being human. And being divine human, that I think the ultimate future of humanity is no modalities because it’s who we are. So

Joanie 1:02:45
yeah, I’d agree with that. I think part of what I was gonna say was just, you’re a powerful person and putting faith and intent in where you’re at and trusting that so the modality doesn’t work, find another one. And if that doesn’t work, create your own. You’re a powerful person in you do affect the world around you. So do it intentionally.

Christina 1:03:09
Yeah. That makes me think like, what you’re doing right now is faith and intent. Just not intentional. So be intentional about it, like your thoughts and everything is affecting stuff anyway. Why would you not be intentional with it? And agreeing with what Austin said too that so it’s something that I’ve been thinking a lot about lately as well when you were talking I was making me think of like a spiritual placebo that’s basically what what all these modalities are is I mean, we know how to relate that to medicinal placebos, the concept but yeah, that’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately is all the all the stuff when you when you feel like you’re not in the right place with God, and it’s because of if it’s because of not doing the right quote unquote, formulas that you have in your mind that you need to do like there’s no reason not to, to follow the formulas. It’s like you’re saying follow the quote unquote, formulas that you’ve made for yourself, but ultimately, get away from the the belief that you need formulas.

David 1:04:27
I don’t know why, but Well, I mean, obviously, I do know why. I wanted to read this. Then Samuel took the horn of oil and anointed him in the midst of his brothers in the Spirit of the Lord came mightily upon David from that day forward. And Samuel arose and went to Rama. Now the Spirit of the Lord departed from Saul and an evil spirit from the Lord terrorized him. Saul’s servants then said to him, behold now an evil spirit from God is terrorizing you. Let our Lord now command Your servants were before you. Let them seek a man who is a skillful player on the harp and it shall come about when the evil spirit from God is on you that he shall play the harp with his hand, and you will be well so Saul said to his servants, provide me provide for me now a man who can play well and bring him to me. Then one of the young men said, Behold, I’ve seen a son of Jesse, the Bethlehem, Bethlehemite, was a skillful musician, a mighty man of valor, a warrior and one prudent and speech in the hands of men. And the Lord is with him. So Saul sent His messengers to Jesse and said, Send me your son, David, who is with the flock, Jesse took a donkey. So it came about whenever the evil spirit from God came to Saul, David would take the harp and play it with his hand. And Saul would be refreshed and be well and the evil spirit would depart and that is sound therapy. I was just adding that because I know, there might be people that are like, Oh, man, this stuff is just so totally woowoo. And

Joanie 1:06:11
it’s in the Bible. So it’s okay.

Christina 1:06:14
Yeah. Cuz the Bible doesn’t have anything people think are woowoo or anything.

David 1:06:18

Jen 1:06:20
That opened a bigger can of worms for me personally, but I have stuff to go study now.

Matt 1:06:32
Well, you know, Tina, you mentioned placebo a bit. And I’ve got a family member who is trying to get onto a drug trial. And they didn’t, they’re just thinking like, well, maybe I hope I’m not the placebo person, I was like, dude, hope you’re the placebo person, because then you’re going to get 100% of the good stuff. And none of the bad. Like, there’s, you know, that sugar pill’s a whole lot less, less bad for you, then whatever drug companies pumping out for the big cash. But beyond that, the other things that are on my mind, were something as simple as posture, you know, how much that can affect our energy. And if you sit at a desk all day, and your shoulders are slumped, like a if you if you’re watching this, like you’ll see me fidget around a bit and make sure that I’m sitting up as straight as possible at times and but I think it was, well I know it was Jordan Peterson he had his Dr. Jordan Peterson and he had his a book where he talked about how the lobster hierarchy and it’s it was a great big deal. But how much just they were controlled by serotonin in their in their bodies, and how our posture also affects our serotonin levels. Simply going out of your way to make sure you’re, you’re walking tall, you know, walking like a king, like that can make a big, big difference in your life. And then lastly, something that I wrote down to talk about the beginning and never really found the spot for was just how I can I can rile myself up with imaginary arguments with people like this, the self talk is so powerful, like, like, I sometimes I’ll find myself being that grumpy old man that’s like, Oh, look at those kids over there making all that racket. I’m like, how would I confront them? What I say what would I do? And it’s like, what, what am I doing right now? What a boner. but I don’t know, there’s just there’s so many ways that we can positively and negatively affect our own energy. I think awareness is a huge aspect of it. So check yourself stand tall. And, you know, once again, you know, this has just been a primer for this conversation, we’ve just hit the tip of the iceberg there’s so much more like Joanie was saying there’s depending on who you’re listening to, there’s you know, hundreds of modalities that are already on the books. So do yourself a favor find the one that works for you. You know, share what works talk it up something

Austin 1:09:04
and make sure you judge everyone else who doesn’t.

Joanie 1:09:06
Right, that’s the most important part we didn’t talk about yet.

Matt 1:09:09
Perfect, perfect.

Christina 1:09:11
The second part of the series

Matt 1:09:13
a great place to do that would be to go on to our social media pages which are @EpochIdeas you can just share what you want and then see what other people write and then judge them for not having the right one

Austin 1:09:23
perfect because I know so many people who consistently change their mind based on Facebook theological arguments

Matt 1:09:31
and maybe we can add that to a tier of our Patreon Patreon profile Yeah, yeah, you can you can judge us and we’ll we’ll you know like give ourselves the appropriate amount lashings or whatever we can

Jen 1:09:46
We could read like the mean things that people

David 1:09:50
sell judgments

Matt 1:09:51
our version of Mean Tweets

Christina 1:09:53
Instead of outtakes…

Matt 1:10:00
dollar per judgment. I think it’s

David 1:10:05
10 bucks.

Matt 1:10:08
But the bundle them and they get a deal. Yeah, but

David 1:10:13
5 judgments $4.

Matt 1:10:17
Alright, that said, thanks for joining us again this week and exploring the idea of biohacking with energy. We love you guys and we’ll talk again next week.

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