How Intention Changes the Laws of Physics

On this episode of the Epoch Podcast we explore the power of intention. How much effect does intention have in our lives? What about subconscious intention, secret intention, group intention???

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Topics we get into:

  • Could the current states countries find themselves in stem from the intention that founded them?
  • David’s personal experience growing up in Latin America
  • the Black Legend
  • subconscious vs conscious intent
  • how a victim mindset makes you easy prey
  • how collective intent and collective identity are a positive feedback loop
  • the crazy monkey experiment that shows how things are passed down… and out?
  • how (false) barriers are broken – in our minds
  • the huge part culture plays as a driving force of our society, and how it’s used to take over the world – culture spreading
  • what part Hollywood and the elites play
  • consciousness and the creative energy of the subconscious
  • symbolism and imagery in entertainment
  • how our underlying beliefs affect our conscious intent
  • exponential growth
  • freeing the media
  • psychoenergetic science and scientific studies done on the effects of intention
  • how intention changes the laws of physics
  • how science is changing
  • the changing of the ages
  • the Maharishi Effect – how meditation is measurable

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Resource/s Mentioned

1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus
Civilization game
Dr. William Tiller
The Intention Experiment – Lynn McTaggart
The Power of Eight
Deepak Chopra
Gregg Braden
Bruce Lipton
Joe Dispenza
The Power of Decision

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