How to Connect with Yourself in a World of Distraction

On this episode of the Epoch Podcast we discuss meditation – benefits, misconceptions, techniques, personal experience… In this conversation worth having we do a pretty good job of demystifying the topic and I daresay you just might be inspired and motivated by what meditation can do in your life.

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Topics we get into:

  • Why is meditation important?
  • the problem of being disconnected from yourself in a digital age
  • old school Christian triggers of meditation
  • physical benefits of meditation
  • the struggle of slowing down and focusing for meditation
  • different types of meditation
  • how meditation affects brainwaves, and the different outcomes you get from being in different brainwave states
  • steering away from legalism
  • personal experiences
  • praying in tongues and transcendental meditation
  • aphantasia and meditation
  • third eye
  • guided meditation
  • meditation misconceptions
  • meditation tips and tools

Our Posts for This Episode

Tico & Tina | How to Turn Meditation from a Boring Chore to Something You Love

Resource/s Mentioned

Audrey Marcus
Ian Clayton
Joe DispenzaYou Are the Placebo

the Epoch Podcast 032: How to Connect with Yourself in a World of Distraction | meditation, transcendental meditation, focus, brainwaves, aphantasia, imagination, health, mental health

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