If Jesus Already Came Back and the World Isn’t Ending…Then What?

If you grew up in the church, you may have heard of something called “the rapture” – a Star Trek-like event where Jesus would come and beam all the Christians out of here. But what if Jesus already came back?

What if Jesus already came back?

If you’re like me, you might have been scared holy to live a righteous life so you wouldn’t be… left behind.

Happy, hopeful stories do not sell when living in a time where Hollywood stars are worshipped and a life filled with the 7 deadly sins is praised. We are surrounded by a society entranced with doom and gloom.

But what if there is no pending cosmic disaster threatening to end the world as we know it?

What if there isn’t an asteroid on its way to cause Armageddon?

What if the trumpet signaling the end times isn’t going to sound?

What if the “Jesus will come back for his church” thing already happened?

The belief that the Revelation of the Bible is NOT going to play out like a Hollywood screenplay, is called preterism.

If you’re a Bible-believing Christian struggling to read on because I just said Jesus already came back, check out the article, From Prepper to Preterist. For those who can continue reading…

If the world isn’t ending because Jesus already came back…then what?

Then… we had better be able to fix our problems!

In a world full of problems, shine a light of hope.

In a world full of naysayers, speak words of grace.

In a world full of loneliness, give kindness to a stranger, a brother, a lover.

The beauty of this age is that no generation has experienced the technological advancements that we currently do. We do not have to fit into the prescribed mold. We do not have to be influenced by the muses of this society. We create our own future.

When we change our perspective on the world’s ending, (or how I like to think of it- its future), we will find a generation dreaming about what can be done to ensure longevity for the generations to come.

That’s what it’s about – impacting the current to enhance the future.

How do we do this? Communicate, empathize, and reflect.


Confession time: I’ve been a terrible communicator! It’s taken me years of poor conversations and countless misinterpretations to realize the more simple and direct I can be with my communication, especially when it comes to my feelings, the less room there is for others’ interpretations.

It is important to communicate expectations: The more you know yourself and the best way you communicate, the better you can communicate your needs. I recommend watching Dr. Gary Chapman’s, 5 Love Languages.”

When it comes to communication, tell others how you feel. They probably aren’t mind-readers. Tell them when you are feeling sad, frustrated, hurt, etc. and why.

Mr. Rogers summed it up best.

mr rogers quote

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There is power when we notice – notice how we feel, how others make us feel. When we can address our feelings, then we can address our accountability in a situation.

Like a shiny coin, there are always two sides to a situation. We play a role in the relationships we build. We hold a space for personal accountability to develop our character in order to impact the people to whom we relate.

Empathy is key in relationships and it is what will make the world go around. When you can place yourself in someone else’s shoes, you begin to empathize with them. You begin to notice how they feel and how you might make them feel. It’s how you can recognize when they are at their breaking point.

Empathy is the first step to becoming a friend, or rather, a decent human being. If the world isn’t ending… then we need to learn how to incorporate empathy into our daily lives.


In a time where social media is king, how can you make an impact with your communication? Are you a faceless internet troll stirring up… well, you know what? Or are you instigating thought-provoking conversations?

Are you sticking up for the meek? After all, they get to have this world. (Shout out to Matthew 5:5) Why not give them a boost?

In the end, your beliefs about the end-times won’t change where you spend eternity. It boils down to reflecting on your relationships. Reflecting on the way you love yourself so you can, in turn, love those around you.

Meditate on this. It is how we change a generation. The world depends on us – because it isn’t ending!

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