Is Cryptocurrency One of the Signs of the Last Days?

Everyone knows that new scientific discoveries, advancements in technology, and political ideas that promote world unity are all “signs of the last days”… right?

At least that’s what I was taught.

For over 20 years growing up in the Christian Church in the United States, the advancement of technology always held a mixed bag of emotions for me.

As a young kid who always enjoyed new gadgets and sci-fi ideas, the rumors of flying cars, cashless societies, and chips in our hands was exciting and fun to think about.

On the other hand, fear of the coming one world government, the antichrist and the Christian persecution that was sure to follow was an ever-present counterpoint to any enthusiasm a new technology may have inspired.

Is cryptocurrency one of the signs of the last days? | blockchain, bitcoin, end times, one world government

Growing Up Xennial

Born in 1981, I am part of a group of people who remember what life was like before computers, video games, cell phones, and the internet. At the same time, we also had the advantage of being young enough to easily transition to an era where such technologies did exist.

This group has been labeled Xennials because we don’t really fit into the traditional ‘X’ or ‘Millennial’ generation boxes. We spent our childhood playing outside and making up games to keep us entertained, then spent our adolescent years playing Super Mario Bros. and chatting with mysterious strangers online as long as our parents didn’t need to use the phone line to make a call.

All that to say… My small generation of Xennials has arguably had the best seat in the house when it comes to watching the most rapid and expansive transition in human history.

Everything has completely changed about how the world works over the past 30 years, and as a sincere Christian for all of that time, I have watched so many of my friends and family struggle with what to think about the advancement of humanity and whether or not to embrace it at all.

From the time I got my first cell phone in 7th grade (1994) till around 2015 I must have had at least 300 different conversations with fellow Christians about whether or not a particular new technology was finally going to usher in the end of the world.

For those who can’t relate, the overwhelming majority of Christians in western cultures believe that the world is going to physically come to an end at some point, and that certain ‘signs’ will be evident as warnings for people to repent and be saved from the coming destruction.

Of course, there are nuances to everyone’s specific set of beliefs around this idea, but the general consensus remains the same. The end is coming. It’s in the Bible. And we all know that a one world government is going to be somewhere in that story.

Oh ya… and 666 is going to be hidden the financial system somehow.

One-World Government and the Church

The longer time goes on, it becomes more evident that a one-world government was never really possible until all of the other mechanisms for managing ‘one world’ were in place.

Travel, security, infrastructure, communications, health systems, education, language, finance, etc.; all of these things must be in place before a truly one world government can ever happen.

I know a few Christians who are starting to see these things become possible, and it’s generating a consistent fear in the back of their minds that “the end is near”.

Like so many generations of Christians before them, they’ve chosen to fight against advancements in technology and science in the name of righteousness for Jesus. Because of this, I’m assuming that the modern Christian community is once again going to find itself 30-40 years behind the times, and the secular world is going to continue running the world in the exact direction that the Church doesn’t want it to go.

Why 30-40 years? Because that’s how long it takes for a new generation of leaders to come along and realize that this thing their parents swore was of the devil, this thing they’ve grown up with their whole lives, hasn’t actually destroyed the world after all.

Fear of the end of the world and the coming apocalypse has honestly only accomplished one thing over the last 400 years of Church history. It has ensured that almost every scientific and technological advancement of man has been in the hands of so-called unbelievers (as far as the Church sees them).

What are the results of this?

The Church has become increasingly irrelevant and has played almost no part in helping to steer the world forward. Not to mention, a vast majority of the wealthiest people in the world who have profited from these advancements have no involvement in the Church.

Because of commonly accepted belief in the future “end times”, the Church has taken its hands off the proverbial wheel and has resolved to scream at the engines of the world for taking us in the wrong direction.

If this trend continues, the idea of a cryptocurrency as a one world currency that will destroy us all will soon find its way into the pulpits of Christianity, and the Church will once again bow out of having any influence in where this technology takes us.

As a preterist, I believe ‘the end’ that the Bible talks about had nothing to do with the end of the world, but had everything to do with the end of the age that the Bible was written in (the age of Aries). In 70 A.D., I believe that every apocalyptic prophecy in the scriptures was fulfilled, and the “end” that came brought the end of the Jewish religious temple system (the Old Covenant).

Since 70 A.D., when Rome destroyed the Temple and most of Jerusalem, there has never been another High Priest, another sacrifice, another temple, etc. The old has gone, and the new has come.

SIDE NOTE: If you are like most modern Christians and you believe the end of the world is in our future and you want to hear more about this idea of preterism, check out our Preterist Topic Page and prepare to be challenged. Just imagine what the Church could do if it started to believe that its job was to bring heaven to earth, not leave earth to go to heaven.

A Preterist’s View on Cryptocurrency

Because I no longer view the world through the lens of the coming apocalypse, I can’t help but get excited when I hear about ideas that could bring humanity closer together and help raise the quality of life for more than just a few select countries.

While some technologies will take a few decades to find their way into every corner of the world, cryptocurrency is one that has already begun to benefit some of the poorest populations on earth. I find this to be incredibly encouraging news, and it makes me want to play a part in helping steer the direction this technology goes.

An argument can be made that a one world currency is only truly possible with a technology like the blockchain and its cryptocurrency counterpart.

While I’m sure I have plenty of Christian friends and family that would disagree with me, I tend to think that an open ledger universal currency would be the greatest advancement towards world economic equity that we could ever undertake. In other words, I believe a one world currency is a good idea if it’s done right, and it’s one the Church should help create on our way to the ultimate goal of heaven on earth.

From where I stand, the idea that a technology is something to be feared because it will usher in the antichrist is akin to the centuries when Christians believed epilepsy was demonic possession and the earth was the center of the universe.

Like it or not, the secular world often has this same opinion, and the Church is conversely becoming an afterthought in the march of progress.

This is not to say that all technology should be unquestioned and accepted without deeper examination. Obviously, things like facial recognition, artificial intelligence, and internet privacy are conversations worth having. Still, that doesn’t mean the chip in your credit card suddenly caused you to worship the antichrist and now you’re going to hell.

In the end, we all must follow our own convictions, but as long as the Church continues to live in fear of the future they will never be the ones creating it.

Make no mistake, those who create the future will end up being the ones who lead it.

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