Is the sky even the limit, though?

When it comes to ability, what is our full potential as Humankind?

What is our potential as humankind?

Every time we think we know, some beast of a person shatters the “limit” we thought was hard and fast – or displays some ability that should… not be possible. I’m looking at you Michel Lotito. Dude ate an airplane. Ate. An. Airplane. A Cessna 150 if you’re wondering (I was) – over the course of two years. Michel has Pica Disorder (Craving and chewing substances that have no nutritional value, such as ice, clay, soil, or paper) He also has an extra thick stomach lining. So I guess what else is there to do beside… eat an airplane? Why not – I’d do it.

There are accounts of people being able to carry 50% more oxygen in their blood, giving them super endurance (Eero Mantyranta – with a mutation to his Enythropoietin recepton gene) and a kid (Ben Underwood) that was blinded by cancer as a toddler then taught himself to see with a series of tongue clicks – that’s echolocation, kids. Batman, we’re comin’ for you. Liam Hoekstra’s little hulk body doesn’t produce myostatin, which inhibits muscle growth, creating longer muscles and less body fat, resulting in ‘super strength’.

Should these be considered genetic mutations, or hints at the possibilities of human evolution?

There are also abilities that aren’t genetic, but are rather the result of spiritual practice. Tim Cridland (stage name Zamora) says that he “Transcends pain.” which is how he is able to stick skewers through his flesh with little to no pain or blood loss – with the added boon of rapid healing. He insists this was accomplished through meditation and his spiritual practices. Heck yes! I would probably eat an airplane before sticking skewers through my meats, but hey – the fact that something like this is even possible, is really exciting.

Staying on the Spiritual Superheroes track, let’s talk about monks for a minute. For thousands of years monks and ‘holy men’ have understood the energy of the human body and it’s inherent power – we’re electric, fellas! This energetic force, commonly known as Qi (chi) has people lighting fires with their hands all over YouTube – and making little pieces of paper super… agitated. Sure video can be doctored – but having taken some courses in Chi Gong and actually feeling that energy for myself, I’m a believer that there is much more to our “electrical systems” than the simple impulses that elicit muscular responses.

I was super excited about this topic, guys – but in truth, a lot of what I found in my research this week were scams and bullsh*t. However, hidden amongst those disappointments where glimmering seeds of truth. Some hints at how to break the mold – or at least shake the foundation of our current reality enough to start asking questions and pushing the envelope. I believe humans are capable of – well, just about anything really –  we only have to dig ourselves out of generations and centuries of society conditioning us to believe that we are so inhibited and limited in our physical forms, then we’ll be unstoppable!  It’s so simple! Who’s with me?

In one of our previous episodes, Austin shared the story about the humanity-wide belief that the absolute maximum a human body could lift was 500 lbs – and people all over the world tried, and could not. Then some genius/jerk lied to the magnificent beefcake he was training, telling him the weight on the bar was just under 500 lbs and because he believed him – He lifted it. And it was like 503 lbs or something. THEN! Because he debunked that “Universal Truth” people all over the place began lifting over 500 lbs. So don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t eat an airplane or learn echolocation or lift a hatchback.

I think the secret to unlocking whatever ability you wish you had, is again, the combination of Science and Spirituality – with that scale tipped slightly more towards the spiritual side of things. We need to believe we can do the thing – we need to understand and accept our birthright as human beings: That we weren’t created to be weak, limited and suffering. We’re here to have fun and experience our human-ness to the fullest – and who gets to decide what that limit is?

Let’s use an extreme example: You want to shoot lasers from your eyeballs? (Good choice… doing God’s work, right?) What if we removed that from the categories of Fantasy and Impossibility, and started exploring How. Perhaps learning to concentrate our Qi energy… and projecting it out our mother-loving eyeballs?! Intense heat from our body’s natural energetic field, paired with concentration, practice, and intent? I don’t think it’s outside the realm of possibility. I hope you use your power for good. Start small, toast a marshmallow. And send me pics, I wanna see this.

Why don’t I toast my own marshmallows, you ask? This is the next piece that is key to unlocking your reason to purchase a whole bolt of metallic spandex – Passion. I personally don’t have a huge desire to shoot lasers out of my face – other than using it as a party trick or to settle a bet, there is nothing in my personal journey that makes that specific ability something I would dedicate the attention required to manifest it. Translocation? Yes. Healing? Double yes. Talking to animals? Hell. Yass.

Pick something that you’re passionate about and start researching – start considering it as possibility instead of just wishful thinking or daydreaming. What would it take to be able to talk to animals? One woman does it by exchanging mental images with them. As a kid I would try, but in my ignorance, I was using the English Language… what if that buffalo only spoke Spanish? But imagery is universal! Makes so much sense now. Understanding even just that little bit more, unlocks the potential to cultivate that ability. I’m gonna try it.

What’s your dream ability? The sheer number of superhero movies, stories, comics, games, etc – illustrates beautifully how humanity is craving a realization of our magnificence. We’re made of stardust. We’re limitless. Let’s start exploring what that means!

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