Jonathan Welton: Out with the Old, In with the New

On this first episode of Season 2 of the Epoch Podcast, we introduce our new format and then jump right into our first conversation centered around one of the perspective-shifting videos we’ve shared in the Epoch Library.

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This Conversation Worth Having stems from Dr. Jonathan Welton’s teaching From Old to New, and we discuss:

  • How much of an impact this teaching had on our lives when we first heard it
  • How Jonathan gives a lot of context for things that have long been misunderstood in the Bible
  • The issue of unattributed quotes in the Bible – like how 1 Corinthians is really 2nd Corinthians, etc.
  • How no one on Earth has a covenant with God
  • Preterism, 70 AD, and the mark of the beast
  • The rapture and the Left Behind series that greatly furthered that belief.
  • The most embarrassing passage in scripture, according to CS Lewis
  • The transition of the covenants and the tension of learning how to live and relate in the new one, and the typology of the transition
  • Staying safe vs growing

Resource/s Mentioned

Dr. Martin Trench
Understanding the Whole Bible
Left Behind

the Epoch Podcast 037: Jonathan Welton - Out with the Old, In with the New | Old Testament vs New Testament, Bible error, Bible interpretation, Old Covenant vs New Covenant, Apostle Paul, the ages, preterism, 70 AD, rapture, Revelation, the mark of the beast, antichrist

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