Kindom Now, or Kingdom Later? (What if the Church wasn’t still waiting to be rescued?)

If you’ve ever stopped to consider the unprecedented amount of change that our world is currently experiencing, it may feel a bit like our entire planet is staring down the barrel of a loaded gun.

The singularity. Interplanetary travel. Biohacking. Cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology. Production automation. Virtual community. Sustainable development. Global government. Robots. Income inequality. New age spirituality. Debt ceilings. Non-stop war. Quantum physics. Superbugs. Shifting magnetic poles. And the list goes on…

There seems to be an endless stream of scary news, exciting inventions, and new discoveries hitting the airwaves day in and day out. While many people have chosen to focus on the negative news as their primary filter for life, others have chosen to stick their heads in the sand and ignore anything they can. Still others have chosen to embrace these realities and step into a creative position as those who will help shape where the world is going as a whole.

What if the church wasn't waiting around to be rescued?

A Missing Voice in the World

If you’ve read my article Prepping to Preterist, you already know I was one of those individuals who looked at all of these issues and chose to focus on all of the negative potentials of the future. I created an entire life around those views for years and even built a company dedicated to training others about all of these ‘dangers’ and how to prepare for them. You also know that when I changed my view of the ‘end times’ prophecies in the Bible, I changed my entire outlook on life and the times we live in.

What I didn’t mention much about is how this new preterist outlook on life has given me a newfound sense of possibility and responsibility for bringing the principles of Christianity and faith into the conversation about where the world is headed.

If you consider the last 2000 years (since the time of Christ), for a majority of that time the Church was a major source of change in the world. Science, education, government, financial policy, political progress, and even military strategy were largely centered around the church and its agenda. Granted, many of those agenda items were terrible ideas (i.e. the Crusades), but point remains that the Church had a mission: be the LEADER of the world and where it’s going.

Now, because of the perception of a coming apocalypse, the ‘end of the world’, and the rapture, the Church has removed itself from almost every relevant discussion about where the world is going. If the voice of the Church is even heard in these discussions, it is scoffed at, ignored, or tolerated (at best). After all, why even listen to a bunch of people who have no vision for where things are going?

Much like the days of Galileo, the Church continues to find itself on the wrong side of history these days. Fighting against the discoveries of science, embracing a warrior mentality against all of the groups we still feel are worth judging, and denouncing every spiritual idea that challenges current religious norms as being ‘demonic heresy’. As far as ‘the world’ is concerned, the voice of the Church has become irrelevant; and in complete honesty, as long is doesn’t have a vision for the world’s future, I believe it actually is irrelevant.

The Kingdom of Heaven is At Hand

I believe the Church truly was meant to rule the world. Not as a dictator of laws and religious structure, but as a source of intentional change for the trajectory of humanity and its journey to becoming the manifested children of God we were born to be. We have a job to do, and that job is to bring heaven to earth.

Yet, because the primary perspective of the Church has become one of escapism and destruction, it has relinquished its role in the world and no longer has a vision for bringing heaven to earth. Instead, most Christians have bought into the lie that the entire point of salvation is to escape earth and get to heaven. Oh how much we’ve let happen in the world all because we lost our vision for being IN IT!

So what does it look like for the Church to have a vision for the world?

To me, it looks like an entirely new perspective on life that puts Christians back into the world with intention. No longer separating ourselves from the scary realities of the future simply because we think ‘the devil’ is taking over. Business ideas, political ideas, and even artistic expressions that embrace the future while infusing them with Kingdom concepts and principles.

What would the world look like if Amazon or Facebook or Starbucks were owned and operated by Kingdom individuals?

What ideas have been sent from God only to find themselves rejected by believers because we don’t think we’ll be here much longer? How many billionaires do you think the Kingdom should have? How many Kingdom politicians do you think the Spirit wants in public office?

In my experience, all of these questions pivot on one primary belief system: What does the Church believe about its role between the Kingdom and the world? Is the Kingdom of Heaven at hand, or is it over there on the ‘other side’?

As you can see in our Epoch Ethos, we actually have HOPE for the future. We see the Kingdom as a present reality. We believe we’re here for a reason, and we have no intention of going anywhere. Now, all we need is a few million other believers to start believing this with us. Are you in?

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Austin is the Executive Director of Category Five Ministries and is the originator of New Age Christianity and Belief IQ. He is a Scorpio, who likes long walks on the beach and cuddling by the fire... oh, and he likes long theological discussions over a cigar and Bourbon. He loves to pontificate about almost any subject and is never afraid to believe stuff that goes against conventional wisdom (maybe to a fault). Time will tell, but he may just be the craziest teacher to grace the internet... ever!