Live Your Life From The Throne Room – Fraincois du Toit

Francois du Toit calls into question our long-held belief that man must make a choice for God based on an understanding that he is a wretch, rather that Jesus took care of it whether or not man has knowledge of what He did.

He discusses how Adam & Eve chose the Law of Works when they ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil. But that by Jesus’ work on the cross, sin consciousness was disarmed.

Francois acknowledges how easy it is to engage our minds with “the things that are below” – the try harder, do better mentality, but encourages everyone to set their minds on Spirit, on the truth of who we are.

He explains how people have believed the lie that they are wretches for so long that it has begun to define them. Francois encourages everyone to engage with God on the basis of already being perfectly one and complete in Him.

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Francois du Toit

Francois du Toit is a teacher and the author of Mirror Bible and other books. His parents were in full-time ministry in an interdenominational mission. Francois & Lydia are in full-time ministry since 2004, and travel at least once a year abroad and almost every month into Africa and around South Africa. Francois has written several books in both English and Afrikaans.