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In this teaching, Chris Blackeby does a great job of illustrating the huge divide between resting in Jesus’ work vs the “good works” of religion, AKA the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. He talks about the differences between the “seen created,” “unseen created,” “seen uncreated,” and “unseen uncreated” levels – how natural laws work, but can be overruled by higher laws. We choose which level we live from, or which “court” we appeal to. It may be surprising to discover which spiritual aspects and religious activities connect to which level! Chris also expounds on the exciting reality of Romans 8 and Colossians 2.

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Chris Blackeby

Chris Blackeby is a son who loves God and his word!

  • Lanna says:

    I listened to this video, and I am wondering. I am a Christian, I am learning to live from heavens realm, but still struggle with the knowledge of good and evil. Chris was saying something about being cursed forever if we live this way. Does this mean we are going to hell if we believe we are saved, but still struggle with “works”?!

    • Austin says:

      In our perspective, being ‘cursed’ is not about what happens to you when you die. As a matter of fact, we believe the entire paradigm of viewing everything through the lens of the afterlife is to miss the point of the Kingdom of Heaven being HERE.

      In short… I would say no… struggling with works doesn’t send you to hell. Instead, it is about what measure of freedom you experience HERE and NOW on earth. Those who still struggle with the law (knowing what is good or evil) continue to put themselves under the curse of it. Being free from the law is to be free from the curse, and this freedom is for TODAY.

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