Mostly Monthly: News Bias, Crypto Update, Area 51, NONES, Lost Cities

On this Mostly Monthly episode of the Epoch Podcast we discuss news bias and get an update on the state of cryptocurrency. One of us is counted in the “storm area 51” numbers, one of us thinks she might be a NONE, and I bet you didn’t know about these lost cities in the US!

Outtakes, personal stories, discounts, giveaways, and more!

Topics we get into:

  • Taylor Swift just whining?
  • “smirking kid”, Trump quote, and the twisting of news
  • How Google (and others?) manipulate search results
  • What’s happening with cryptocurrency?
  • Bakkt, Bitcoin bubble, blockchain
  • Winning and losing with cryptocurrency and how it’s taxed
  • Facebook’s cryptocurrency – Libra
  • the Area 51 event, Bob Lazar
  • the military drug testing without permission
  • How vaccines are not regulated
  • Matt’s personal story and the efficacy or side effects of vaccinations
  • How NONES are the fastest growing group
  • the problem with labels and the desire for labels
  • lost cities in the US and how different the history we’ve been taught is
  • Could Mormon history have a leg to stand on after all? (Book of Mormon)

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Resource/s Mentioned

Project Veritas
Joe Rogan podcast with Bob Lazar
1491 by Charles C Mann

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