No One’s Ready for What’s Coming This Decade

On this episode of the Epoch Podcast, Evolving Parent brings up the topic of the crazy advancements that will be happening in this decade and what it will mean for our kids…

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This Conversation Worth Having stems from a Glenn Beck interview with Jeff Brown on 5G and AI, and we discuss:

  • the technological changes we’ve seen in the last 10 years compared to the explosion of technology that’s about to happen
  • what 5G is going to do, both to advancement and possibly to health – is the danger of EMF really a conspiracy?
  • how likely is it really that AI will try to destroy humanity?
  • broader consciousness vs mere logic and intelligence
  • artificial general intelligence vs artificial superintelligence vs divine intelligence
  • how can we prepare (and prepare our kids) for the future that is coming with a major shift in the focus of skills needed?
  • the need to specialize in distinctly human skillsets like intuition, interpersonal skills, etc.
  • what kind of possibilities might quantum computing open up?
  • what if what we think of as intuition is computable?
  • crisper gene-editing software
  • the spiritual shift and spiritual/scientific convergence

Resource/s Mentioned

I, Robot
Ray Kurzweil
Andrew Yang
Life 3.0 – Max Tegmark
Unnatural Selection
Perry Marshall

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