Breatharian Redefined (MP3) – Kirby De Lanerolle

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Kirby has gone without food for extended periods of time over the last 5 years. He’s known among his friends to hardly ever eat – sometimes months on end. More recently Kirby has run a half marathon without eating absolutely anything at all for 2 months. He is the only breatharian to be featured on the National Geographic Chanel after completing 10 months with only 7 meals. In these days Kirby has a couple of meals a month and enjoys drinking tea and fresh juice. He lives to teach others about the power of love as a force of transformation and spends time in contemplation of the Lords communion. Kirby is not saying that man doesn’t have to eat or promoting a non-eating lifestyle. In fact, he believes that food is a gift from God and should be enjoyed. Kirby does eat occasionally, however, it is important to note he does not get his energy solely from food. It is his hope that others through this page will learn to have authority over their food selection and quantities in order to improve their health and well being by giving food its due place and priority in their lives.