H.I.M. 2017 Leadership Conference – Tony Fitzgerald – Full Set


The entire H.I.M. Leadership Conference was geared towards a receiving a deeper understanding of Spiritual Fathering (Mothering). The first 2 sessions set up the foundational idea that Fathering a family is the original and ultimate “governmental” structure of heaven, and all else stems from a successful implementation of this structure throughout eternity. Session 3 is the main evening session where Tony shares some of his experiences and thoughts about Fathering as a way of life. Sessions 4 and 5 are much more about the ‘how to’s’ of Spiritual Fathering with plenty of question and response time with the audience.


Tony Fitzgerald was born and raised in Tasmania, Australia, where he originally prepared for a career in accountancy and finance. After marrying his childhood sweetheart in 1970, Tony and Marilyn began their ministry life together in the Salvation Army College for Officers. During the “Jesus People” movement of the early 70s they became involved in street ministry, working with young people in a non-denominational setting.

When miracles and healings began to follow Tony’s preaching, doors opened around the world resulting in a move to the UK in the mid-70s where the Fitzgeralds worked with the leadership team of a well-known youth mission organization.

In 1979, Tony and a team of like-minded leaders began planting local churches which soon multiplied to other nations. Ten years later these churches and ministries came together under the name, “Church of the Nations” (COTN).

Today, COTN is made up of several apostolic-led “clusters” or groupings of related church families. Together, these Clusters—served by COTN’s Apostolic Council—are now advancing the Kingdom in more than 50 nations around the world.