The Happy Breatharian – A Food Free Consciousness (MP3) – Kirby De Lanerolle

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At the time of this filming, Kirby was the only Breatharian in Sri Lanka. In early October 2012, he accomplished the seemingly impossible feat by completing half a marathon without eating for 2 months. Excelling also in the field of sports, Kirby is a Gold medalist at the Junior National Level Championship for Rifle Shooting 1995, and has won medals for Boxing, including Gold at the 2005 Sabaragamuwa Provincial Meet and Bronze at the 2005 National Sports Festival.

In The Happy Breatharian: A Food Free Consciousness. Kirby looks to inspire people to excel beyond the potential they are seemingly born with, to establish a new generation of people who have no limits. This talk aims to create a greater level of self-confidence and motivates the next generation to gain greater heights.