Science & Spirituality: The Perfect Marriage

Prolonging Man’s life expectancy – even the quest for Immortality itself, has been the passionate pursuit of humanity since… Well, probably since the first guy bit the dust and there was someone around to go: “What the f*ck??… Dave?!?” –  followed by some measure of jostling Dave’s lifeless body. My point is: there’s historical evidence that we as a species have been pretty obsessed with this for as long we can tell. Have we been chasing an impossible dream since the dawn of time, or is there some part of us that knows death is – wrong?

death is an enemy that will be defeated

Even the Bible states that: “…the last enemy to be defeated is Death.” (1 Corinthians 15:26) which makes death of the body sound like a challenging but surmountable foe, rather than the inescapable fate we believe it to be. So what’s the holdup? We’re dropping like flies!

In the deepest parts of my soul, I believe that humanity can reach the point of extreme life expectancy, if not true immortality. I know that I personally have way more that I’d like to accomplish than one modern lifetime would allow, so how do we do this? What are we missing?

Obviously Science is making great strides towards prolonging life and understanding the intricacies of how the human body truly works, and while there is still so much we don’t understand —things like bio-hacking and Genome Sequencing —where we can literally data-mine our personal DNA to decipher which diseases and ailments we’re genetically predispositioned to, allowing us to then take action to prevent or lessen our chances of those specific illnesses being the culprit for our demise—are some incredibly exciting recent advancements.

In my opinion, however, Science is only half of the equation, as Science only represents half of the Human creation (does that rhyme?…that kinda rhymes… I’m leaving it) :  the Physical, or Mind and Body. But we still have the other “half”: Soul and Spirit. For too long, Science and Spirituality have been considered two opposing sides, and until there is a reconciliation or marriage between them, I feel we will always be missing out on the benefits and brilliance of the other.

Spirituality holds the miraculous. The unexplainable ways in which people are operating on seemingly superhuman levels. People who haven’t eaten a thing in months or years and are thriving. Accounts of others walking on water or being able to lift cars when an intense need arises…We don’t really know what our full potential is as a species. The limits we once thought were hard and fast are being shattered left and right and science often has a hard time explaining how.

The “super spiritual” often discount the conscious mind, seeing it as more primitive or as a burden. So too there is a tendency to disregard the body along with it. So wrapped up in spiritual pursuits and reaching nirvana, or being swept up to heaven, that they are missing out on the very reason we’re here:  to exist in and exercise dominion over the physical realm. Even in Christianity, some consider the physical body a “curse”—they are just waiting for death so they can go “Home” to heaven. Well, it’s no wonder we haven’t unlocked immortality on this side if death is viewed as the end game reward! Likewise, the Scientific community often dismisses the relevance of Spirituality as “woo-woo fluffy stuff.”—without cold, hard, scientific facts, it can be seen as pointless to consider any reality behind it.

For so long people have classified themselves as either Scientific OR Spiritual…as if they could only operate in one or the other. But understanding and respecting the fact that we, as humans, are spirits with a logical brain and a physical body and then studying how each are linked to lifespan and combining those advancements and practices, I believe is the key.  

There have already been discoveries that begin to meld these two. Dr. Bruce Lipton’s research into the power of our beliefs and the reactions they cause in our bodies on a cellular and hormonal level, is some well-documented and exciting work —pointing towards the reality of reprogramming any beliefs we hold personally that would cause illness or an unnecessarily short life-span. Then, if we consider that it’s Universal ‘knowledge’ that the human body ages or decays and then eventually dies—that is some pretty weighty intention directed right at the very vessel we’re trying to sustain. So, would we either need to steel our individual beliefs to become stronger than the collective consciousness, or is the key held in a shift of belief on a Global scale? That the body is, in fact, sustainable—once we have the right combination. When we understand the ‘How’, could this Global shift be the last piece of puzzle?

Dr. Masaru Emoto has been studying the effects that words, music, and even energetic intention, have on water and his findings are truly inspiring. Water is even programmable simply by our intentions. It’s been a known scientific fact that the human body is comprised of mostly water. What conclusions can we draw, even on our own, about the effects of our intentions towards our own body? How we regard ourselves? How we speak about ourselves? How others speak toward us? How would those things interact and affect the water within us? What could the benefits be of setting “life expectancy” or even general wellness intentions on the eight glasses of water a day that we’re recommended to consume?

Science is now discovering the health benefits of fasting and its connection to longevity. The stress that “three square meals” a day puts on the body, with it trying to keep up with glucose and insulin levels and expending its energy to continually digest that much intake, instead of repairing cells and detoxing harmful substances from the body, causes unnecessary stress and the premature aging of cells. And just about every religion or spiritual community holds fasting as supremely sacred and beneficial to not only the body, but to the clarity of mind and heightened communion with the Divine. How much moreso would these effects be if both sides were honored, if we began our fasting with the understanding of the spiritual and scientific benefits with our intentions rooted in longevity and repair?

Science is also studying the incredible benefits of meditation, another area where Spirituality has long-ruled. We’re on the right track, but as long as we operate out of one and deny the importance of the other, we will continually miss half of the vital equation to truly understanding and unlocking the possibility of extreme longevity.   

we know death is wrong
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