You shall Receive Power – Dr. Martin Trench

In this message, Dr. Martin Trench talks about the baptism of the Holy Spirit. God is spirit, so he talks through spirit. God gives the Holy Spirit, which is a part of Him, to us as a helper. God wants to give an overflow of the Holy Spirit, so it spills into every part of our lives. Dr. Trench teaches from the first four chapters of Acts, about the coming of the Holy Spirit and power in the early church. Dr. Trench goes further and shows us that we are actually experiencing this power in our lives and that God always has more for us.

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About the communicator

Dr. Martin Trench

Dr. Martin Trench has extensive life and ministry experience, and has always had an interest in history, archeology, psychology, and theology. He currently serves on the leadership team of Gateway Alliance Church in Alberta, Canada.