Sneaky, Sneaky Religion (Based on Chris Blackeby’s Living from Heaven)

On this episode of the Epoch Podcast, we discuss Chris Blackeby’s Living from Heaven teaching on the different realms we can live from and how much humanity has always been after formulas…

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This Conversation Worth Having stems from a Christ Blackeby Video – Living from Heaven, and we discuss:

  • reality vs religion
  • how sneakily religion infiltrates things in layers
  • what system of laws you subject yourself to
  • the typology of 30-60-100 and born again, of water, of spirit
  • body vs soul vs spirit
  • the struggle of bad theology in worship music
  • moving beyond the knowledge of good and evil
  • maturity couple with innocence
  • being one
  • the necessity of time for experience
  • the realm of spirit – without time or space
  • humanity’s desire for spiritual recipes and formulas

Resource/s Mentioned

John Sheasby
John G Lake
Smith Wigglesworth

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