Spirituality in the Digital Age: Religion a la Carte

How many of our beliefs are truly our own?

Until recently, most people were simply brought up to believe the same things as our parents/family/community – and that’s the only thing they were ever exposed to. Coming into the Digital Age we have the ability to be exposed to everything.

Along the same vein, it’s no longer enough to regurgitate what we hear from the pulpit and base our life and interactions with the world on the thoughts and teachings of a single “Authority”. Every belief and moral stance is at our fingertips – we need to start taking responsibility for our own Spirituality. Start questioning things. Start weighing what we’re being told against our own Spirit and thinking for ourselves. The time for claiming “we/they don’t know any better.” is done. The Age of Information is the Age of Knowing Better.

Well, this has started out as a pretty aggressive post. We’ll call it impassioned. Yeah. I’ll tone it down a bit.

One of the most exciting things about the internet and technology, in regards to Spirituality, is the unbridled access to every religion, belief system, lifestyle, and modality out there. It’s not only fostering more of an allowance and acceptance of others’ spiritual journeys, but is offering us the opportunity for tailor-made personal paths based on what resonates with each of us as individuals. At this point, you may be thinking to yourself: “But, Kat – this would create chaos! What is stopping me from murdering people, if not an angry God that would throw me in a fiery pit for eternity?!” Well, if God is the only reason you’re not a rampaging murder machine, might I suggest there is a larger issue at hand here? I’m also not suggesting that you toss your belief of a higher power out the window just because you can now research Norse Mythology.

In my personal journey, I was brought up in the Christian church. I love God the father, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ – still. Forever. But I had always felt like there was more. That pieces were left out. My natural leaning was towards nature and energy and love. I felt closer to God on a hike than I did in a Church building, as many people do. My connection with our creator was very organic and naturally cultivated through genuine relationship with Him. In church I felt like I wasn’t “Christian enough”. There’s always been a healthy amount of condemnation in organized religion, but now much of it is mutating into intolerance and actual hate.

With that in mind, what I’m suggesting is that now we are able to fill in those gaps. We have the capability of exploring what’s out there to find our missing pieces. I kept my Holy Trinity and added metaphysics and energy, manifesting and intention, crystals and altars. Because these sit well in my soul. And my connection to Spirit and Father has never been stronger.

So many in our younger generations are turning away from the church, and with that – God in general. They aren’t standing for the “You suck, try harder” philosophy that has kept civilizations in check for hundreds/thousands of years. It’s like they know, deep down, that they are worth more. That Love is the name of the game. A loving God and our own perfect Divinity is not a message regularly offered by the church (though it is catching on) so why would they look there? Why would they take time out of their lives to sit in a building and be told they’re not good enough? That something is wrong with them – that they were born sinners and will die sinners? They’re not gonna. They aren’t.

There is currently a swelling of Love in humanity. Intention and attention being turned towards the greater good – towards our fellow man and creation – simple good deeds and full on organizations dedicated to making a positive impact on the world. The majority of which is non-religion based. It’s not the church doing this. It’s people. It’s love. So when people see hate coming from the church, and love coming from elsewhere – what should we expect as a result?

In Christianity, what if our motivation behind helping or reaching others was simply Love instead of conversion? Evangelism takes a lot of time and resources – what would happen if we just loved people instead of beating them down with a crucifix? How many more people would we reach “for the Kingdom” if we were actual examples of Christ instead of insisting they believe like us and that being the end goal?

love for the sake of being loving

Organized religion isn’t working anymore. While there are so many beautiful facets to it, humanity as a whole is shifting – and our individual beliefs are no longer available as a means of control and guilting us into being good.

Again, I’m not saying we need to forsake everything we believe or have been brought up in – I’m just suggesting we develop our own opinions about the things we let occupy our hearts. If something doesn’t sit well, replace it with something that does.

Do your own research into things you’re being taught and realize that the person teaching you is one human who translates and filters their messages through their own lenses and beliefs. I would also suggest having more than one person of influence in your life. Have many, but choose wisely. You’re responsible for your own soul.

spirituality in the digital age
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