The Best Way to Fail as an Entrepreneur is to Do it Alone

Sometimes working from home is not everything it’s cracked up to be.

We’ve had plenty of time to realize and experience that reality as we’ve both been home full time since 2011/12.

The Biggest Challenge of Working for Yourself

When you start working for yourself you get the chance to find out how much of the outside stuff you’ve been blaming for your state of mind/life was really to blame and how much of it was just your own stuff you weren’t recognizing or taking responsibility for.

I can say with some confidence, the biggest challenge you will have in business is… yourself.

  • how you relate to people
  • your personal insecurities
  • where you’re looking for validation
  • your work ethic/work style
  • your ability to self-motivate
  • what you think you’re worth/how confident you are in your skills

Heart wounds lead to blind spots, which lead to making bad decisions.

Pedro Adao
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Prioritizing your personal maturity and mindset health removes obstacles that hold you back and sets you up to win.

Outside workplaces have plenty of challenges of their own, but when your workplace is also your home, the blurred lines can become a jumbled mess that’s difficult to see your way out of.

Our experience working with a family from home is that a whole week can pass in what feels like a day, easily leaving you wondering what the heck you even did.

We knew we weren’t completely aligned with what we wanted our lives to look like, but over and over again we fell for the lie of “someday”.

“Someday” when ABC is done… when we get on top of XYZ… once 1234…

Allow me to call big, fat, smelly BULLSHIT.

We simply didn’t realize the key components we were missing!

The Best Way to Fail as an Entrepreneur is to Do it Alone

Discovering What We Didn’t Know We Needed

In April of 2019 during our little anniversary getaway, we asked God to orchestrate connections for us that would propel us forward into the kind of life we really wanted to develop.

To be honest, our intention was completely focused on the spiritual aspect of our life, so 3 weeks later when I ran across an Instagram ad that mentioned “Kingdom entrepreneurship“, I didn’t really care or even pay attention to the business part. I just felt a nudge that it was related to our prayer in some way.

As we dove into the community, we were completely caught off guard realizing God had delivered way above and beyond what we thought we were asking for.

Looking back after even only a few months, I can honestly say it was one of those life-defining moments – there was our life before 100X, and there’s a completely different life now.

It was everything we didn’t know we needed. Everything our hearts yearned for but hadn’t even been able to consciously express.

I know that sounds dramatic 🙂 And it’s probably not for everyone, and it may just be a season for us. But it’s a really great season that we’re so thankful for!

  • deep spiritual encouragement
  • integral heart and mindset work <— all the effort in the world is next to worthless without this!
  • rich personal connections
  • premium business training
  • consistent healthy routine
  • incredible creative troubleshooting and brainstorming sessions
  • complete paradigm shifts
  • vast network of high-caliber people and resources

The list could go on, and a list really can’t do the blessing of this community justice.

The name of the game here is acceleration. 100X Acceleration to be exact 😉

I can’t say for sure that this group is the one for you, but I can say it’s worth checking out for yourself! Feel free to connect with us on social media if you have questions 🙂

Why is the brand 100X? Well, because everything in the Kingdom is multiplication 🙂

Pedro Adao quote

Do Yourself a Favor and Connect to Acceleration

The bottom line is, if you want to create any kind of entrepreneurial lifestyle (or develop a better one than you’ve already experienced), please make it a priority to find your “tribe” and save yourself YEARS of floundering and heartache. OMG, I can NOT emphasize this enough.

And I say this as someone who is not a joiner…

I know they say if you want to go fast go alone, but that really only works if you have a clear vision, path, and system in place.

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We’ve definitely experienced the drudgery of moving at a snail’s pace with a group, so I get the saying, but newsflash, no one of us is great at all the things.

Trying to do it all is actually a great way to slow yourself down with analysis paralysis, rash decisions, blindspots, bad prioritizations, etc. etc.

I’ve seen so many enthusiastic people try to reinvent the wheel just because they’re not that open to letting others into their process.

Business communities and masterminds can provide entrepreneurs with the best of both worlds, truth be told.

You can go both alone and together. Yes, really!

Keep the speed of decision-making and ease of iteration that you get as a solopreneur, but harness the go-the-distance power of a group who may have already blazed the trail for you, or at the very least connect you with the resources and inspiration you need faster.

Truly, community and collaboration are key to acceleration.

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Regardless what your personal values and goals are, there is probably the right group or mastermind for you somewhere, and if there’s not, well maybe you are the one to create it!

You can’t afford to miss out on things that aren’t built into working from home (or at least that are difficult to replicate on your own).

  • connectedness
  • accountability
  • more minds for brainstorming
  • advice
  • recommendations and solutions
  • better routine
  • etc.

You can try to source everything individually, but getting them together in one package is far more ideal!

The Best Way to Fail as an Entrepreneur is to Do it Alone
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