The Bible is Different Than You Think – Dr. Martin Trench

Dr. Martin Trench discusses how the Bible seems to contain contradictions – the Old Testament tells us that justice involves “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth,” yet Jesus tells us to forget that and forgive instead. The Old Testament contains apparent approval for genocide, but Jesus tells us to love our enemies. The answer is in the fact that the Bible is not a book, but a collection of books written by diffident writers at different times to address different circumstances. Its message is gradually and progressively revealed and Jesus is the full & final revelation of God – his “word made flesh”.

We chose this teaching as it gives insight into commonly misquoted passages of the Bible and perspectives not commonly taught within mainstream Christian teaching. We believe the perspectives that Dr. Trench gives are paramount to understanding the age we are currently in and the proper placement of the ages past for our clearer understanding of history and the Bible.

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About the communicator

Dr. Martin Trench

Dr. Martin Trench has extensive life and ministry experience, and has always had an interest in history, archeology, psychology, and theology. He currently serves on the leadership team of Gateway Alliance Church in Alberta, Canada.