The Bitcoin Revolution (Documentary) Hidden Secrets Of Money 8 – Mike Maloney

In the eighth installment of Mike Maloney’s “Hidden Secrets of Money,” Mike breaks down how Bitcoin and blockchain work. He discusses the Byzantine General’s Problem and how Bitcoin claims to solve it, as well as the Byzantine fault tolerance.

In his documentary following the development of cryptocurrencies over several years, Mike interviews key people about the ways distributed ledger technology is changing our world. He shares his experience investing in Bitcoin, and explains why he thinks Hashgraph will replace the blockchain system.

The Bitcoin Revolution (Documentary) Hidden Secrets Of Money | Mike Maloney #quote

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Mike Maloney

Michael Maloney is the founder and owner of, a global leader in gold and silver sales and one of the world’s most highly regarded investment education companies since 2005. He is author of the bestselling precious metals investment book of all time.