The Epoch Podcast: A Primer

As 2019 began, The Epoch team decided to revisit what it is that ‘we do’ and make changes where necessary. For the past 2 years we’ve all come together under The Epoch banner for one primary reason; we’re personal development junkies who want to share our growth journeys with each other and with you, and the coming changes are the latest iteration of hundreds of hours of conversation trying to figure out the BEST way to do just that.

As the title of this post suggests, the major component we are adding to The Epoch content lineup in 2019 is…

We’re starting a podcast!

That’s right, we’re joining the podcast world. In preparation for launch, we wanted to share with you a bit of what you can expect from the podcast, as well as our intentions for how it will play into the rest of what Epoch has to share.

In the days leading up to the recording of every podcast episode, all of The Epoch team members will be researching that episode’s topic in whatever way they personally choose to research it. Because personal growth is… well… PERSONAL, we’ve intentionally stayed away from developing a formula for how to research each topic. Some of us may find books we want to read. Others will research blogs or take online classes. Still others will turn to resources like YouTube and other podcasts as they discover more about that episode’s topic in their own way. Each topic will inspire a different process, and each process will reveal different resources that we will then turn around and share with you, our audience.

Our goal has always been to help others go further, faster (when it comes to personal development), but to this point, it has been a challenge to figure out just how to do that while accounting for all of the different ways in which people tackle their learning journey. Are you a reader? Do you have a job where you can listen to audio for hours? Are you a people person who needs to verbally process with others? Do you prefer classes that are neatly organized and laid out from start to finish? The list of options is seemingly endless.

The addition of an Epoch Podcast is our ‘answer’ to this overall conundrum. Namely, we are a diverse team of individuals, and we’re hoping that as we document our journeys together, our audience can find the nuggets and resources that BEST fit them and their learning style(s).

The Epoch Content

Each episode will be a discussion about a single topic but will be filtered through all of our different personalities and journeys for you to relate to.

Each topic will produce 4 different resources for you to connect with as you see fit.

The Epoch Podcast

You can subscribe to our podcast using any of the major podcasting apps available on your smartphone. (iTunes, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, Podcast Addict, etc.)

The Epoch Video Podcast

You can also see the video versions of the podcasts on our YouTube channel. There’s definitely stuff you miss when just listening, but maybe it’s better that way 😉

The Epoch Library

One of our major goals has always been to share with our audience the resources that have changed our lives. We understand not everyone has the time or the know-how for finding great resources, and thus, we have developed a curated library of some of our favorites so you don’t have to dig through the entire internet just to find a starting point.

It’s important to note that The Epoch Library will only contain resources that we found highly useful. Even if it’s not something we completely agree with, if it’s a useful resource we want to share it with you.

The Epoch Blog

Even though the entire Epoch team will be researching the same topics at the same time, we won’t be researching them with the same perspectives or using the same tools. This is why each of us will be sharing our thoughts in The Epoch Blog as well as on the Podcast. Depending on the subjects being discussed, we may each write our own full post about that particular topic, or we may combine all of our thoughts about the topic into one post, or we may even do a little bit of both. Once again, personal growth is PERSONAL, so there are no rules as to how much any one of us feels like we want to share. We simply want to help you go further, faster by giving you as many tools as we can to speed up your journey.

Future Content

Beyond these 4 content resources/types, our hope is for The Epoch to become successful enough to justify even more time and energy in the endeavor. Other ideas we have for future content are Online Learning Modules and Live Events. If these are things that interest you, please consider donating to The Epoch (tax deductible), which helps us provide more ways to help you go further, faster.

My Personal Why

For the first episode of the podcast we have decided to actually talk about why it is that each of us has chosen to do a project like Epoch. It’s meant to serve both as an introduction to the podcast itself, as well as an introduction to each of the Epoch team members personally.

For my part, I have always carried the desire for a project like Epoch, but it wasn’t until I was able to revisit my eschatology (beliefs about the ‘end times’) that I finally had clear enough vision to actually do something. As I mention in my post Prepping to Preterist (How to Stop Fearing the Future):

The very website you’re reading this blog on is a result of the journey shared in this article. Epoch is actually a Greek word that means “a division of time”. The entire reason The Epoch exists is to share the continued discovery of our eternal identity as humans, and we believe our eternal identity includes the fact that we’re not going anywhere. Earth is our home, and the universe is our future.

Prepping to Preterist (How to Stop Fearing the Future)

So why do I spend time working on The Epoch?

Because the world is changing at a pace that no human has ever experienced before, and now that I believe I’m actually going to be around for a while, I want to play my part in helping the world become a better place. The #1 way I know to do that is by helping people embrace this pace of change and the future it’s bringing through information and education. This is why I Epoch.

About the communicator


Austin is the Executive Director of Category Five Ministries and is the originator of New Age Christianity and Belief IQ. He is a Scorpio, who likes long walks on the beach and cuddling by the fire... oh, and he likes long theological discussions over a cigar and Bourbon. He loves to pontificate about almost any subject and is never afraid to believe stuff that goes against conventional wisdom (maybe to a fault). Time will tell, but he may just be the craziest teacher to grace the internet... ever!