The Everything Bubble: Stocks, Real Estate, and Bond Implosion – Mike Maloney

Mike Maloney is author of the best selling precious metals investment book of all time, Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver. In this video, Mike teaches about what is going on in the stock market as of May 2017. Right now, the Stock Market is in a bubble that is higher than 2007. This and many other signs point to a crash in the market. Mike Maloney believes that this crash will be a two stage crash. First, stocks and real estate will crash. Then it will look like it’s over, but when Baby Boomers do not invest back in the market it will crash again. Mike teaches that now is the best time to invest in gold and silver which goes up in price when others crash.

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Mike Maloney

Michael Maloney is the founder and owner of, a global leader in gold and silver sales and one of the world’s most highly regarded investment education companies since 2005. He is author of the bestselling precious metals investment book of all time.