The Happy Breatharian – A Food Free Consciousness – Kirby De Lanerolle

In this video, Kirby De Lanerolle speaks about being a happy breatharian. In keeping with the theme, “Powerful Beyond Measure,” this session will inspire people to excel beyond the potential they were born with and establish a new generation of people who have no limits. Kirby is currently the only breatharian in Sri Lanka (When this video was filmed). In early October 2012, he accomplished the seemingly impossible feat of completing half a marathon without eating for 2 months. Excelling also in the field of sports, Kirby was a gold medalist at the 1995 Junior National Level Championship for Rifle Shooting and has won medals for boxing, including gold at the 2005 Sabaragamuwa Provincial Meet and bronze at the 2005 National Sports Festival. If you can use a greater level of self-confidence and motivation, give this video a shot.

The Happy Breatharian - a Food-Free Consciousness | Kirby de Lanerolle #quote, consciousness, energy, food, health


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Kirby de Lanerolle

Kirby de Lanerolle and his wife, Fiona, are the founders and visionaries of WOW Life Church in Sri Lanka, and together they lead and serve the group at large.