The Truth About Money and Why We Need a Global Currency Reset

It still amazes me that some people don’t know where our money REALLY comes from. The fact is that the world’s reserve currency, the US Dollar, is printed and backed by a private corporation, owned by an unknown group of individuals, and overseen by almost no publicly elected officials. Even though this entity is called the ‘Federal Reserve’, there is nothing “federal” about it. And worst of all, the money that comes from the Federal Reserve (the Fed) is literally printed out of NOTHING, yet we all still use it to purchase the wants and necessities of life as if it were worth something.

The Truth About Money and Why We Need a Global Currency Reset

If you’ve never taken a step back to consider just how big of a role money plays in your life, I encourage you to do that right now. Just take a minute to consider just how integral this concept is to your daily life. Not only does it purchase the things you use in your personal life, it purchases everything you see around you. If we didn’t have money, our society would look extremely different. Politics would have different motivations. Entire industries wouldn’t exist. Heck, the idea of ‘jobs’ would have to be completely revisited. The list goes on…

Mike Maloney of has an extremely well-done documentary series called Hidden Secrets of Money that I highly recommend every American watch. As of the writing of this article, there are 10 official episodes of the series, and roughly 40 different bonus materials available on his website. And while this week’s Epoch podcast is officially on episodes 9 and 10, I can’t help but jump off of what Mike shares in those episodes onto another subject that is not as widely discussed, but for those in the know, has been talked about for years and years.

Faith, the True Value of Money

In the first episode of The Hidden Secrets of Money, Mike Maloney explains the difference between currency and money, and since I could never do a better job explaining it than he does, before we go any further into this concept, you should watch this episode:

For those of you who didn’t watch the above video… the takeaway is fairly simple. Money has certain characteristics that make it ‘real’, and currency has certain characteristics that make it ‘fake’. Money is real, currency is fake, got it? Good.

The Truth About Money and Why We Need a Global Currency Reset

Now… One of the things that BOTH money and currency require in order for them to be worth anything is FAITH. In essence, without your belief in the value of something, it isn’t actually worth anything to you. In the case of money and currency, a shiny metal coin or a fancy piece of paper is only worth what YOU agree it’s worth. If you don’t think a $20 dollar bill is worth selling your used toaster for, you won’t exchange it for the $20. If you DO think a $20 bill is worth a used toaster, you will exchange it. Simple, right?

So if this is true on a micro level, what happens if we expand it out to a macro level? What happens when an entire population agrees on what something is worth? What if that thing had different denominations and forms (paper, coin, digital, etc.)? In the end, it still comes back to the fact that everyone BELIEVES that this thing is ACTUALLY worth something. In the end, the truth of the matter is that it is ONLY worth what we BELIEVE it’s worth… and that’s where the whole idea of money and society’s use of it begins to take on a whole new identity.

What Is the Global Currency Reset?

The world currently runs on currency, not money. Back in the 1970s, President Richard Nixon took the US Dollar off of the ‘gold standard’, and effectively stole the world’s wealth right out from under their noses. There have been thousands of books, articles, documentaries, and movies produced on this subject, so I won’t belabor the point any more than to say that the world is now at a place with its financial system where the ONLY thing keep us from waking up to a world-wide financial collapse is the fact that we all keep believing the same thing. We all believe that our currencies (every major country in the world) are worth ‘something’, and as long as we believe it, it remains true.

But what happens if a day comes where we all stop believing this? What happens when Wall Street has a really bad week and suddenly the companies that hold the vast majority of the world’s money stop believing this? What happens if China stops believing that the US Dollar is worth ‘something’? What happens if the US stops believing that the Chinese Yuan is worth ‘something’?

You see, the threat of a global financial meltdown has never been more than a few bad decisions away, and I believe there are many people in positions of power that have known this for years. I believe SOME of these people have chosen to keep the existing system as a way to exploit the world’s population for power. I believe others have been working behind the scenes to try a fix this problem in the smoothest, most painless way possible. I believe that this ‘fix’ is known as the Global Currency Reset, and that it is nearer than we think.

In short, the Global Currency Reset is exactly what it sounds like. A process that has been going on for years behind closed doors that will ultimately manifest on a day when everyone wakes up and we all change what we BELIEVE about our currencies. A day where every country settles its debts (because they all owe each other nothing more than ‘faith’ anyway). A day when our current system gives way to a more advanced system. A day when the world hits the ‘reset button’ on its economies and every country is accounted for.

Obviously, this is an over-simplification of what a Currency Reset would REALLY entail, but at the same time, it’s exactly the reason why it would actually work. All it would take is some legitimate math and the support of the right people and BOOM! – the whole world could reset itself overnight.

Why We Need a Global Currency Reset

Here again, Mike Maloney’s series on the Hidden Secrets of Money explains some of these concepts way better than I can, and in the case of why the world might NEED a reset, episodes 4, 9, and 10 are my ‘go-to’ episodes to share with people.

So… if you actually watched those three episodes, I don’t really need to say any more about WHY we need a currency reset. The writing is on the wall… The proof is in the pudding… The evidence is incontrovertible… The goose is cooked… And all those other sayings that mean… OUR CURRENT SYSTEM IS UNSUSTAINABLE!

If you didn’t watch those videos, the basic takeaway is that the Federal Reserve is running the most public and deceptive scam the world has ever known, and the American ‘taxpayer’ is nothing more than a fancy word for ‘slave’. Even if you believe in paying taxes, which I don’t (taxation is theft), just watch episode 4 and you’ll see why our current system has NOTHING to do with paying taxes for the public good, and EVERYTHING to do with stealing the true wealth of the population – their time and freedom.

The Truth About Money and Why We Need a Global Currency Reset

On top of the scam being perpetrated on the world, the overall system in the United States (and every major country in the world for that matter) is following the same exact path that Rome did on its way to collapse. Be it currency devaluation, endless wars, political cronyism, or government trying to do the job of the private sector, our world’s ENTIRE societal system is heading towards its downfall, and I am obviously not the only one who knows this.


You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist like me to see that things aren’t exactly ‘going well’ with our short-term way of managing the world. Sure, we can implement duct tape solutions like Quantitative Easing or raising the debt ceiling every 8 months, but any idiot can see that running a 1 Trillion dollar annual budget deficit (assuming Congress gets its act together long enough to pass an actual budget) isn’t going to last forever. As a matter of fact, it’s ONLY going to last as long as the world agrees to it.

And that’s just it.

Things are SO incredibly out of whack right now, all around the world. There is no way you can convince me that there’s not something else going on behind the scenes with all of these global summits and economic forums. Why does China keep agreeing to hold our debt? Why do countries all over the world not turn in their dollars? Why, with all of the political turmoil and warmongering, do countries ultimately stay at bay and keep the peace?

Answer… Everyone knows we are one bad day away from collapse, and they are all agreeing to maintain the current lies until a new agreement can be activated.

Call me a conspiracy theorist or call me woke. Either way, if you take just a little time to investigate the matter for yourself, I believe you will agree, it’s time for a Global Currency Reset (at the very least).

The Truth About Money and Why We Need a Global Currency Reset
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