The Water Crisis You Didn’t Know We’re Facing

On this episode of the Epoch Podcast we discuss a topic I daresay most people aren’t aware of – the water crisis in their own proverbial backyard. Water shortage isn’t just a problem somewhere across the globe, it’s happening in the US, and faster than you would guess. We keep this conversation worth having a lot less boring than you might think 😉

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Topics we get into:

  • why didn’t we already know about this?
  • misconceptions about how the water cycle works
  • where all our water is and discrepancies between how fast we’re using it and how fast it’s being replenished
  • what prescription drugs and other pollutants are doing in our water
  • how our water is actually being used <— surprising!
  • our mindset on water
  • what country is really good at how they handle water
  • HARP conspiracy theories
  • the part cows play in all of this
  • the tragedy of the commons
  • Matt’s permaculture experiments and how we can restore nature
  • desalinization and why water crisis solutions are difficult

Our Posts for This Episode

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Tico & Tina | 14 Solutions for the Water Crisis (You Can Do Your Part)

Resource/s Mentioned

Geoff Lawton
More information:
Explained – water crisis on Netflix

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