What Do We Know, Anyway? Reflecting on 2019 Conversations

On this episode of the Epoch Podcast we reflect on some of the conversations we had in 2019 – what have we done with what we’ve talked about? Do we have new or additional thoughts? Yes, yes we do.

Outtakes, personal stories, discounts, giveaways, and more!

Topics we get into:

  • Christina sets the record straight on hangers
  • take the *new and improved* LEMON Leadership test online
  • Christina has a thought to add to the Gender & Sexual Identity episode
  • Christina has more questions on the Radical Honesty & Vulnerability episode – How do you realize when you’re lying to yourself? How do you identify the *real* you and how much of that is a choice?
  • David brings up the Biohacking episode and we talk about how much more mainstream it’s all becoming and the huge cost difference between DIY stuff and having it done by “professionals”, the God/Dr complex, and some of the ethical implications of all of it
  • Jen wants to know where everyone’s at with Youpreneurship since that episode – David & Christina have recognized a huge key to acceleration in their lives, and everyone’s thinking about creating passive income
  • Austin has some more thoughts about how religion is continuing to shift and we share about different things we’re seeing on that front
  • We all share closing thoughts on Season 1 of the Epoch Podcast

Resource/s Mentioned

Lauren Zander
Dr. David Sinclair
Unnatural Selection
Dr. Bruce Lipton and Biology of Belief
Dr. Caroline Leaf

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