What You Might Find When You Venture Off the Beaten Path…

I was having a crappy year.

Working as an embroidery machine operator seemed like it would be interesting – creating custom tshirts and various other articles of clothing. But it quickly lost its charm and became monotonous.

The worst days were when we had Carharts to do because they were so stiff and heavy they would sometimes pop out of the hoops when they were on the machine, making a mess of thread I’d have to pick out.

The job did have fun moments, though, especially when Pam was there. She teased me about boys, convinced me her diet Pepsi addiction was well founded, and blasted her theme song from U2 (I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For).

Overall though, I was in a funk, to put it mildly.

My friends were mostly all away on one pursuit or another, and I felt trapped in a dead-end position with nothing on the horizon to look forward to. It was the same thing day in and day out.

Looking back, it’s utterly ridiculous how depressed I was for six months. Driving down the road, that girl used to imagine how nice it would be to swerve her car into an oncoming semi truck.

The real problem was that I just hadn’t found my purpose yet, and I was listening to the wrong voices, as I was about to discover.

The Little Thing that Changed My Life

Pivotal moments are often very simple on the surface, but the most profound things really are the simplest.

One day, a friend invited me to a “Bible” study. (It was more like a spiritual book study.) Even though I didn’t know many of the people that well, I welcomed any deviation from the bleak routine I was plodding through day after day.

The book the group was going through was Victory Over the Darkness, and before long, it had opened my mind to a completely different way of analyzing my thoughts.

Although I was still in my late teens, and world consciousness has grown leaps and bounds since then, it still feels crazy that there was ever a time I was so stuck in my own head.

It simply hadn’t been part of my mental framework that my thoughts and feelings, in particular, could potentially be completely unfounded in truth or reality.

That book we studied talked about identifying with the wrong “Adam” – the first Adam in bondage as a result of “the fall”, versus the last Adam, Jesus – total freedom.

I came away with an understanding that the way I experienced life – even how I felt about my day, was directly related to my mindset and beliefs.

The freedom I gained from that revelation set the trajectory for my life – I wanted to help free as many people as possible from their own mental bondage!

It wasn’t the last time I dealt with depression, however.

The Problem with Truth

Over the years, I realized aligning your thoughts with Truth only works if you know what truth to align with… and sometimes it’s really freaking hard when what’s supposed to be true feels really freaking not true.

Eventually, I learned that the biggest reason for that dissonance was my subconsious mind.

The subconscious mind is like a computer program running in the background. You can type truths into a Google Doc all day, but it’s not going to change the way the program creates documents.

In order for Truth to make a real, lasting difference in your life, it has to reprogram all the code you’re running.

reprogram the code of your subconscious mind

The problem is, none of us are actually aware of all that code, let alone know how to rewrite it. Most people are barely aware of their conscious thoughts!

Discovering Our Tribe

As David and I set intentions for our family, we purposed to center our lives around Truth, relationships, and creating. We didn’t know what that would necessarily look like or evolve into on a larger scale, but it has served as a great filter in decision-making for even day-to-day tasks.

The pieces we always knew we wanted to be part of the big picture were:

  • working together
  • from home, so we could both be with our kids as they grew up
  • working with others in some sort of a team capacity

Through a crazy series of events that started in 2015, we got connected with some people just as weird as us. Probably weirder, truth be told 😉

These people were like-minded in their pursuit of Truth, their desire to impact the world, and their serial entrepreneurial tendencies.

The next couple years were a mixture of deepening relationships and struggling through many iterations of the projects we all wanted to work together on.

People got bored, frustrated, offended, angry… Feelings were hurt. Really, really hurt. Many times. People even quit (in a healthy way, for the most part).

It was intense. Kinda like being pregnant and giving birth.

But we grew. A lot.

Those of us who stuck together have a special respect and love for each other.

We don’t live in the same place (at least not right now). And yes, that made everything 1000% harder and more complicated!

But we didn’t give up. Because we believed in the baby we were birthing.

Just like parents don’t know who their baby will be when it grows up, we don’t know what this project will become, but we’re ready to have fun raising it.

We’ve developed a cool strategy that gives people access to a good combination of audio, video, and written content, so there’s something for everyone!

While we cover a wide range of topics, the common theme is personal development and the best way to navigate into a future that’s changing at ever-increasing speeds.

Our secret sauce is the different flavor of rebel we each bring to the table, because although our viewpoints may differ, we each like to swim sassily upstream.

If you’ve always felt a little on the fringe, not afraid to venture off the beaten path, or interested in having your boundaries stretched a bit, we might be the tribe you’re looking for.

Let’s explore ways to level up together!

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