What’s Your Heaven Proficiency Level? (Inspired by Graham Cooke)

On this episode of the Epoch Podcast, we discuss Graham Cooke’s take on the Language of Heaven and how it can potentially shift our perspective in a huge way.

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This Conversation Worth Having stems from a Graham Cook Video – The Language of Heaven, and we discuss:

  • what we tune our mindset to
  • reframing how we see problems
  • is it possible for anything to be against you?
  • how we want change, but also don’t want to go through changing
  • being able to be joyful in any situation
  • the narratives we create and engage with
  • reality vs our experience
  • what is Earth even about?
  • the nuance of energy
  • being active vs passive with the input we receive
  • an illustration from Matt of a true story

Resource/s Mentioned

Don Miguel Ruiz
Christopher Blackeby

the Epoch Podcast 041: What's Your Heaven Proficiency Level? | Graham Cooke, mindset, energy, change, being joyful, heaven on earth #mentalforeplay, Conversations Worth Having

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