Why – Fiona De Lanerolle & Kirby de Lanerolle

In this message, Fiona de Lanerolle & Kirby de Lanerolle share their understanding of “Why” bad things have happened to you as well as how they fit in as part of Christ’s finished work. The team shows us that it’s easy to judge sin and thus, give it power in our lives. Instead, we need to let grace into our lives. Additionally, when we choose to judge others’ sin rather than forgive, we give that sin power in our lives. Mr. & Mrs. de Lanerolle show that when we receive more of the finished work of Christ, we will give more of Christ.

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Fiona de Lanerolle

Kirby & Fiona de Lanerolle are the founders and visionaries of WOW Life Church in Sri Lanka, and together they lead and serve the group at large.