WHY: It’s All Coming Together Now

One of my biggest issues is NOT that I can’t find one thing that I’m really interested in. It’s that I’m really interested in everything.

In spite of so many experts who say, “Find the one thing that you’re interested in and become a master of it,” I went to university and got an environmental degree that is a little bit biology, a little bit chemistry, a little bit physics, geology, meteorology, economics, policy, etc. …because I wanted to better understand how the world works.

I had been in the camp that said going to college wasn’t worth the money and that kids were basically getting a subpar education, a piece of paper that everyone else had, and a whole lot of debt. And that whole time, I was sitting on a golden ticket. My time in the Marine Corps provided me with a GI Bill.

When Jen and I started Epoch Nation Ministries back in 2013, I wasn’t making anything. I was going to bring in money by working side jobs and then finding time to run a church full time. Weird how that didn’t work.

Regardless, eventually using the GI Bill to bring in the housing allowance that comes with it made a ton of sense and I was able to see first-hand how the official side of education operated. While I picked up some good pieces of knowledge, met great people, logged some good mental miles, and tucked some experience under my belt, I came away largely unimpressed. I treasure the things that I was exposed to during that time that I quite possibly wouldn’t have come across otherwise. However, much of what I’ve retained has come from times where I was actively searching on my own.

I enjoy the search for higher truth. That’s why I’m here. I’ve enjoyed the latest stretch of searching with like-minded people – and we’ve gotten somewhere!

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve created another podcast called Evolving Parent. While I’m covering a surprising amount of ground in that show, this podcast allows me to speak from a variety of perspectives, beyond that of a parent. We’re going to cover even more ground. And I find the idea of better understanding how the world works to be immensely exciting.

Business & Leadership, Family & Relationships, Finance & Economics, Health & Lifestyle, Science & Technology, Spirituality & Personal Growth – these are key pillars of the world we’re all creating.

If exploring these pillars through podcast conversations helps people relate to the ideas and us better, as fellow explorers of those ideas, I’m all for it. And I used “conversations” instead of “debates” very intentionally. While we hold ideas to scrutiny, The Epoch started as a group of people having conversations.

Those conversations propelled us to dream, propelled us to action. We rented a freaking convention center and held a conference to share what we were learning about. Some people wanted to know what we were going to do next. A couple people, like Tico & Tina were crazy enough to want to be a part of it and have been pillars of The Epoch since.

This whole thing reminds me a little bit of The Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring… There’s this mission that we are pushing towards, but it’s not all about the end objective…otherwise, after learning about the mission you might just flip to the end to see the mission accomplished.

This particular story involves some unlikely people coming together, bringing what they can to the table, and beginning to understand who they are, chapter by chapter. The more I discover about my identity, the more I dream, the more I act. The Epoch presents that opportunity to all who find it.

I’m part of this group and podcast not to declare that I am right and anyone thinking otherwise is wrong. I am here to shine bright. Perhaps people will see that and want to take a peek behind the curtain.

discovering identity through Epoch conversations
discovering identity through conversations
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In addition to contributing to The Epoch, Matt is currently the host of the Evolving Parent Podcast and he coaches any youth sport his kids will play. He's a former US Marine journalist and public affairs specialist who has worked as a contractor in the tech sector for numerous companies. He recently earned a BS in Freshwater Science and Sustainability, but continues learning in multiple fields every day. www.evolvingparent.com